The Next1 and Next2 eBook Readers From Nextbook

Nextbook Next2

There’s a new ebook reader company called Nextbook that has two new ereaders called the Next1 and Next2.

Both the Next1 and Next2 have 7″ color TFT screens with pixel resolutions of 800 x 480. They come with 2GB of internal memory and have micro SD card slots for memory expansion.

Both devices are tied in with the new Borders ebook store for downloading ebooks.

The Next1 is priced at $149 and the Next2 is $199. But neither are for sale just yet.

The Next2 has WiFi, a touchscreen (resistive by the looks of it), and comes preloaded with Android 2.1.

The Nextbook website is still being worked on, so there’s not a lot of information available. The Next1 might have WiFi too but I’m not sure because there’s obvious incorrect information on the Next1 page.

More updates to come.

Next1 Video Demo

Next2 Video Demo

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34 Responses to “The Next1 and Next2 eBook Readers From Nextbook”

  1. I’ve watched these videos twice so far and I’m only slightly interested in the product.

    • I agree. They’re just like all these other 7-inch ereader hybrids like the Pandigital Novel and Cruz Reader with resistive touchscreens and software limitations. The Nextbook website doesn’t yet have any form of contact information and the site is registered out of Hong Kong. Who knows what kind of customer support they will have . . .

  2. Isn’t the same company, NEXTAR, that made those cheap GPS units that didn’t work?

  3. No this company has nothing to do with Nextar, the Nextbook is made by E Fun out of West Covina. They are also making something called a Apen looks very cool.

  4. I have one, love not yet, but its growing on me!

  5. @reallynice: If you got the Next2, does it have Android 2.1 like this article states, or does it have Android 1.5 like the spec sheet states?

  6. I just got a Next2 Nextbook last night. It came with Android 1.5

    I talked to tech support today, & she said it may be upgradable to 2.1 later – but since the device just hit the markets, she’s not sure what they’ll do yet.

    It’s a sophisticated piece of technology for the $150 paid, & is definitely “not your grandmother’s eReader”… It’s growing on me too.

    What I’d like most for it, is to be able to read my Kindle PC eBook files…

    NetFlix video will not run, that was too much to hope for.

  7. Was wondering…can the font size be changed?

  8. Yes, I was able to change the font on my Next2. You can’t change the color though. It would be nice if it were alterable to sepia, which I find easier on the eyes when viewing a back lit screen.

    That said… I returned my Next2 locally on Thursday… And ordered the Next3 from HSN, instead. HSN is the only seller I’ve currently been able to find for this item. This will change, but I don’t know what the price will be when it hits stores.

    I added $38 to the total cost I paid locally, & ordered the Next3 to get the 1.5″ wider screen, Android 2.1 (which may support Kindle Android & my Amazon books…??), & twice the RAM… There are other features, but these ones were the deciding factors for me.

    So before you actually buy, check this ad for the Next3 first:

    With an introductory sale price of $199 (manufacturer’s website suggests $299 retail) – we may be happier in the long run using this more advanced model vs. the Next2.

    Mine is on a UPS truck, making it’s way here now…

  9. I bought a Next2 for my girlfriend for Xmas with a $50 gift cert to Borders. We ordered an ebook on 12/25. It still is not available for downloading. Borders say they are working on the problem. This is pretty bad. Does anyone know where ebooks can be purchased for the Next2? Neither Amazon nor Books on Board claim to have them.

  10. Extreme OnlineShopper December 28, 2010 at 9:10 pm

    You can download the app “Aldiko” from the app store in the Next2 for free. It downloads books from and other sources. eBooks purchased at Barnes and Nobel in .ePub format will also show on the Next2. But you can put the app Nook for Android on the Next2, the operating system isn’t compatible for that app or the Kindle.

  11. Jim,
    You can definitely purchase books from Google E-books for that device.
    It is listed as one of the e-readers supported here:

    Shop here:

  12. I bought this, I like it and it plays videos pretty good. My only issue with mine is that when I plug my headphones into it sound still comes from the built in speakers, making the headphone jack usless.

  13. I bought the Next Book 2 for my daughter and daughter-in-law for Christmas from HSN and already they’re having problems. My daughter-in-law keeps getting booted out every time she tries to get online, she gets an error message. Any ideas?? she was able to a few days ago and is able to get online on her personal computer so it’s not their internet. any help or where we can get help would be greatly appreciated.

  14. I made three attempt to purchase office suite pro.was charged three times .none of the key codes is nonexistant.


  16. thomas rinehart February 8, 2011 at 9:57 am

    i read on that the storage for the next3 is 32gb. any truth to that?

  17. I have a 16 gig card working in my next2.

  18. i purchased the next2 for my daughter’s 11th bday and we tried purchasing a book she wanted with a gift card. apparently after 3 failed attempts lastnight, i was able to purchase it once today. but then found out it charged her gift card 4 times! and i cannot even find the purchased book!!! can someone please help!!!!! we have never purchased a ebook before…

  19. I have asked this so many times with no answer. Can someone please tell me, can I use web stick with nextbook? It’s a usb stick for tmoble called the web connect stick so that you can surf the net anywhere you can use tmobile service. Thanks in advance. Bre

  20. I have a nextbook 2 and can’t watch videos on you tube… Any help

  21. the nextbook 2 is awful. turns on by its self and so fer cant access borders and its a joke second time trying to send this….this is a valid e-mail

  22. Nextbook, 2 always looking for something to reset it. I have had it a month now…should have bought a kindle and a 10 inch pc

  23. michael harris April 15, 2011 at 7:57 am

    I’ve had the nextbook 2 for three months now. An my explorer is messing up. I try to download an it says not enough space avialible. When I try to delete it acts like it does, but then I go back an the same files are still there. Why won’t it delete. Any help will be awsome, thanks

    • Are you getting a low space warning for apps or for the memory? There’s only so much space for installing apps, so that happens often. You have to go in and uninstall some. If it’s not apps then I’d suggest trying to delete it over USB with your computer or try using a different file manager.

  24. The book reader just keeps shutting off and on and stays at the same quote page. The stupid reset button doesn’t even work to help this. does anyone have any ideas

  25. get a safety pin stick in the small hole on the back hold it for a second. makle sure your nextbook is on once u reset it . the nextbook shuts off, it should be reset try it.

  26. Nextbook model Next2 .. shuts on and off at the quote screen. Tried several times to reset via reset button in back of unit and nothing works. Does anyone have any ideas?