Sony PRS-950 Listed on Best Buy

Sony Daily Edition

I just happened to notice that the Sony PRS-950 is now available for purchase from Best for $299, but is backordered. It is still listed as coming soon on Sony Style.

The first thing I checked for on Best Buy’s site was to see if the new Daily Edition comes with a cover and case like the PRS-900 did, but Best Buy only lists the Daily Edition, USB cable, and owner’s manual as included in the box.

Not sure how much stock to put in this however, as many of the specs listed are obviously incorrect. It says that the PRS-950 uses a Vizplex screen, which is not true, it uses a Pearl display, and the dimensions are all wrong, especially the 1.2 ounce weight and 2.3″ thickness.

Regardless, this certainly means that the release of the new Sony Daily Edition is just around the corner.

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