Sony PRS-950 Daily Edition up for Pre-Order

Sony PRS-950 Daily Edition

It’s official. The Sony PRS-950 Daily Edition is up for pre-order on the Sony Style website.

It costs $299 and the estimated date of availability is November 14th.

The bad news is that it doesn’t look like the PRS-950 comes with a cover like the previous model did, so that’s going to add even more cost on top of the already lofty price tag.

According to the owner’s manual, it does come with an AC charger unlike the other two Sony Readers.

A couple of other things that I noticed in the manual is that the Daily Edition has an icon when you double tap a word to reference Wikipedia using the new web browser. Speaking of the web browser, it uses a variation of the WebKit browser, which the manual says is best for text-based websites, so it doesn’t sound like it will be as capable as the Kindle 3’s web browser.

Anyway, I’ve got one on order, so check back in about a month for a full hands-on review.

11 Responses to “Sony PRS-950 Daily Edition up for Pre-Order”

  1. In the Sony Sytle website is showing that the daily edition will come with the Vizplex epaper. Also it says that the weight is 1,23oz. Did you notice that? Is it an error?

    • Yeah, I noticed. Whoever is in charge of the Sony Style site is off their game. I noticed the other day when posting about the Pink Pocket Edition Bundle several errors as well. What’s funny is that both the PRS-350 and 650 have Vizplex logos when you turn them on—they forgot to change it to Pearl.

      The actual weight is 9.6 ounces according to the manual.

  2. I am just dyeing to see your review on the PRS-950. Do you know if will be selling on stores or only online?

    • Good question. Now that I think about it, I don’t recall the PRS-900 having as much of a retail presence as Sony’s other ereaders: I never once saw one at Walmart, Target, Best Buy, or any other brick and mortar store except the Sony Style Store. Best Buy and other retailers sold them online, but I’m not sure if they had them at very many stores.

  3. Really looking forward to the review! I’m very curious to find out more about the various features of this reader.

  4. “The Internet Browser is optimized to read the text based web
    It does not support media plug -ins (ex. Flash etc), file
    downloads, or zoom navigation.” (Owner’s manual)

    So i can download pdfs only from Sony store? ;/

    • That’s what it looks like. I don’t see why Sony is limiting the browser so much. They should at least allow downloading supported formats.

  5. I was waiting patiently for the specs to be publicized and to order one for myself. Now that I’ve seen them, the device is certainly full-featured and has a much better touch screen but the price is exactly the same as the PRS-900 WITHOUT the really nice package the latter came with… now everything is a-la-carte making it too expensive and much too close to lower end color tablet offerings… I’m disappointed but I have to keep looking – hope SONY is listening!

  6. Sony PRS-950sc is already on the market, I bought two today from Best Buy, One thing that nobody speaks about is under applications there’s a www browser, and when you click it, it has google, wikipedia, facebook, twitter, food network, cnbc,cnet,espn & also Gmail, and the gmail does work, now take for granted I’m using my Wi fi from home, and by the way this, is great for a handicap person, that has little strengh in there hand to push buttons, the swipe is very responsive.


    • You were lucky to find it. Mine still hasn’t even shipped yet. None of the Best Buys where I live have any yet. I wish they did . . .

  7. Also I notice someone making a comment about PDF files, I downloaded two books from the Library today and there PDF’s, and I copied over using Adobe Digital Edition