Kindle 3 Covers

M-Edge Kindle 3 Covers

Now that the Kindle 3 has been out for a couple of months, there are a number of new Kindle 3 covers starting to emerge. M-Edge is one of the leading brands for ebook reader accessories since 2006, and they just announced a whole new line of accessories today for the Kindle 3, including 20 jackets, sleeves, stands, and reading lights.

Several of the new M-Edge covers are available now, while some are pre-orders that will be released next month.

There a number of other Kindle 3 covers as well. Amazon sells their own brand, one comes with a built-in reading light that uses the Kindle’s battery for power. Belkin has a some low-cost sleeves. Built and Timbuk2 also have some unique sleeves and covers. There are some really nice and really pricey designer covers from Cole Haan and Diane von Furstenberg too.

Click here for a huge list of Kindle 3 covers, cases, and skins »

4 Responses to “Kindle 3 Covers”

  1. Boy this is a timely post for me.
    I`ve decided on the Kindle(thanks to your very thorough reviews I might add) and now have to decide on a case.
    Those are nice looking M-Edge cases.

    • I’ve been waiting for the M-Edge covers to arrive myself. I’ve been using a cover for the Kindle 3 that wasn’t designed for it and want to upgrade. One thing I noticed about the M-Edge cover that I was going to get , the black GO cover, is the reviewers are saying that it is not leather. Amazon’s non-lighted Kindle cover costs the same and is leather so now I’m not so sure.

      Let us know which one you pick and how it turns out.

  2. Will do.
    The Latitude and Capital(not released yet) from M Edge have caught my eye.
    I like that total zip up option.
    I do like the leather Amazon covers also but that lighted one is too expensive.

  3. @Nathan I did exactly what you did. I bought wrong kindle cover and had to spend money twice. Second cover I bought was the one from BUILT and it fits my Kindle well.