PRS 950 Daily Edition Review with Video

PRS-950 Daily Edition Review

This is a quick note to mention that the review and video review for the new Daily Edition is now finished and can be found on the dedicated Sony PRS-950 Review page.

The review does not cover how the PRS-950 handles PDF files; I will be posting a separate PRS-950 PDF review and video within the next few days. I also plan on doing some comparison posts between the PRS-950 and Sony’s other ereaders, as well the Kindle 3 and Nook. So check back soon for those.

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9 Responses to “PRS 950 Daily Edition Review with Video”

  1. Hi Nathan, my husband has a 7″ tablet and I think it´s perfect size, cause too little letters is no good for me. Until now I am trying to decide between 7″ or 9″ screen, but since there isn’t a 9″ epaper ereader with touchscreen ( a must have features for me) yet, I was aiming on the PRS-950.
    So, did you feel the same difference from de 5″ to 6″ screen, between the 6″ to 7″ screen?

    • For some reason the size difference between the 6″ and 7″ doesn’t seem as much to me. I guess because the 350 is just so small and light. And also because of the particular ratio of the 950’s screen. It’s actually the same width as a 6″ screen, so the difference is all in length, which is about an 1.5″. Once you step up to 8 and 9 inch screens, those really make a big difference.

  2. Hi again 🙂

    First off, good review as always. I like the “list format” with everything clearly laid out and categorized. Makes it very easy to get a clear idea of the features and functionality.

    Second, and I know I’m asking for speculation here, what would you say are the odds of adding more functionality to the web browser in the future, through firmware updates? Such as the ability to download ebooks from the online store, for example.

    • I’d say not very likely. Sony really doesn’t do that as often as most other ereader companies. They usually just release new models each year instead.

  3. Nathan, where does the PRS-950 fit into your list of top picks? Seems like its time to make that decision.

  4. Nathan, I forgot to add that I appreciate the objectivity that you display when offering your comments and observations. One day I plan to purchase an ereader and I know that your web site will have helped me make the right choice. There was a time when I thought that the PRS-950 was the one. Then B&N announced the NOOKcolor. That got the gears turning again. The devices are miles apart and it seems that, though it must be based on personal preferences, the choice would be obvious. Unfortunately, I’m not finding this to be the case. The problem is anticipating how the device will fit into one’s lifestyle. To illustrate, I once wanted an iPod. Then the company I work for gave me one. I learned that I was more enamored with the technology than I was with being cut of from the audible world around me. When I took it on trips I had to worry about it being stolen. I also became annoyed with the DRM content on iTunes. Wouldn’t you know, it only played on their hardware! Apple no longer does that, but we now see these same attempts to manipulate consumers with proprietary ebook file formats.

    On another topic, there seem to be signs that we might see an explosion of 7″ tablets running the Android OS. So, if not the NOOKcolor, maybe something like it that I load an ereader application on.

    Any thoughts?

    • Hi Dave,

      As far as top picks go, I’d put all three new Sony Readers just below the Kindle 3. Since they are all so similar feature-wise, it all depends on personal preference which size is the best for each individual, along with wireless/memory cards, etc. So I think I’m going to update the top picks section to reflect that, instead of trying to figure out an order in which to list them.

      As far as 7″ tablets go, there’s certainly a lot of them starting to crop up lately. Some share the same hardware, like the Pandigital Novel, Cruz Reader, and PocketBook IQ. The Nook Color really looks like it has a chance of being a good tablet with the capacitive touchscreen and ARM Cortex A8 processor. B&N will certainly do their best to limit the apps it can use from the Android Market (God forbid someone would want to use the Kindle app instead), but the Nook Color looks to have a lot of potential as a hacked tablet. Stick Android 2.2 on it and it will probably be one of the best budget tablets since others like the Samsung Galaxy Tab cost so much.

  5. Does the sony prs-950 read rss? If it does, this ereader is perfect.