Sony Daily Edition PDF Review and Video (PRS-950)

There’s been a lot of people wanting to know how well the new Sony Daily Edition handles various types of PDF files. Well, here it is. I just finished up the PRS-950 PDF review, so take a look. I think you will be surprised by the results.

There are 8 giant pictures, an 8 minute video, and a list of all the PRS-950’s PDF features and functions. And in case you missed it, here’s the link to the main PRS-950 review for all the other details about the Sony Daily Edition.

Here’s a look at the PRS-950 PDF video review . . .

4 Responses to “Sony Daily Edition PDF Review and Video (PRS-950)”

  1. Nathan,

    Thank you for posting the review/videos/pics of the PRS-950 during usage. Yesterday, I made a trip to the U.S. — I’m from Canada — and picked one up from Best Buy (Seattle – Northgate).

    Bottom line: This ebook reader truly handles PDF highlighting, AND reflow perfectly — unlike the feature poor Kindle DX. I was shocked at how it just worked, even two column view with my untouched PDFs. Superb. For now, returning the crippled Kindle DX — had one for a month — was a wise move.

    Aside: I was pleasantly surprised to see “MADE IN JAPAN” on the backside of the device.

  2. E-readers with user-replaceable batteries are a big selling point for me. Most reviews don’t address this feature. So far, I’ve only seen it mentioned regarding the original Nook.

    Anyone know if the PRS-950, Pocketbook 302, and/or Onyx Boox 60 have user-replaceable batteries?

  3. Howard Freeland March 28, 2011 at 4:34 pm

    I would like to buy a Sony PRS-950 but I live in Canada and I am told that Sony will not be selling them in Canada because of problems with the WiFi. Is there any Canadian out there using one, do you have any problems? My suspicion is that this is a problem with the CRTC not with the unit.