Nook Exclusive In Store Content for November


If you own a Nook WiFi or Nook 3G, or if you happen to pick up a new Nook Color when it releases later this month, you can take it to any Barnes and Noble retail location to access the free exclusive content listed below.

Just tap the “shop” icon to bring up the in-store promotions. Each week the “More in Store” is updated and each new feature is available on a rolling basis. Once you download the exclusive content to a Nook, it gets saved to your B&N library and can be accessed whenever you want.

The Barnes & Noble More in Store for Nook November line-up includes:

November 7

The Tiger by Pat Conroy

Beloved, bestselling author Pat Conroy delighted millions with his triumphs of storytelling. In this exclusive essay for Barnes & Noble, he shares the story of the majestic beast that inspired the pivotal scene in his blockbuster, The Prince of Tides.

There’s a Reason It’s Not Called Thankstaking by Ellen Rogers

Ellen Rogers’ heartwarming memoir of the frisky capuchin monkey who has become an integral part of her family is winning over readers all over the country. In this exclusive story about family and gratitude, just in time for Thanksgiving, she talks about the worst moment in a mother’s life and the joy that’s come after.

November 14

What It Took by Cecily von Ziegesar

Gossip Girl creator Cecily von Ziegesar has turned her hand to writing about college in her new release, Cum Laude. In this exclusive essay for NOOK owners, she talks about her own experiences in college and how they brought her to where she is today.

Top Five Foodie Destinations in Italy by Frances Mayes

Frances Mayes, the author of Under the Tuscan Sun, is sharing foodie tips exclusively for Barnes & Noble. Mayes lists the top five places to eat if you’re planning a trip to Italy anytime soon.

November 21

How Not to Look Like a Frump, Tart or Freak by Clinton Kelly

Whatever your style, Clinton Kelly can help. The author and host of TLC’s What Not to Wear shares fashion advice and words of wisdom, exclusively for NOOK owners.

Read Pink! by Eloisa James

This fall, a group of romance authors have banded together with their publisher, Penguin Books, to help promote breast cancer awareness. Join New York Times bestselling author Eloisa James as she discusses the great strength and humor displayed by the heroines written by these queens of romance.

November 28

Being Grateful for the Little Things by Lesley M. M. Blume

In this reflection on gratitude, children’s author Lesley M. M. Blume finds much to admire among the fairy world, mostly unseen by humans. In this exclusive essay, Blume shares what we can learn from fairies that will make us happier creatures.

The Top Five Questions Parents Ask by John Medina

“How do I raise a smart child?” “How can I be sure my baby will be happy?” John Medina, New York Times bestselling author of Brain Rules for Baby, has answers for anxious parents in this exclusive essay for Barnes & Noble readers.

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