Amazon’s Holiday Kindle Commercials

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Amazon has just released two new Kindle ads in time for the holiday season. Instead of pointing out flaws in the iPad or doing some meandering music video like past Kindle ad campaigns, these two commercials are more straight-forward and family-oriented.

Both advertisements focus on the Kindle 3. It’s strange how Amazon never includes the Kindle DX in any of their commercials. They instead focus on the Kindle 3 to push home the $139 low price and portability.

The first video is specifically aimed at being a Christmas ad where a grandmother is buying a gift for her grandson, and the second video is more general, showing how portable the Kindle is and how you can take it with you everywhere.

These two ads are a lot less ambiguous than previous Kindle ads, actually showing the Kindle 3 in action and giving it plenty of screen time.

There’s another commercial that features the Kindle that I saw over the weekend. It’s a Best Buy holiday advertisement with animated elves. There’s a clear shot of the Kindle 3, Sony PRS-350, and the new Nook Color. They are placed in front of the laptops, easy to see (unfortunately I couldn’t find a video of it). The upcoming holiday season looks to be a big year for ebook readers.

New Kindle Holiday Ad

New Kindle Zest Ad

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