The Demy Reader – An eReader Designed for the Kitchen (Video)

Demy Reader

I came across the Demy Reader the other day and this is something I haven’t seen before.

The Demy Reader is an ereader combined with a cookbook. It is designed specifically for use in the kitchen with a splash-resistant plastic exterior that can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth.

The Demy Reader has a 7″ LCD touchscreen and comes pre-loaded with 250 recipes, with enough storage for 2500 recipes. It works in conjunction with a website called Key Ingredient to add more recipes from a selection of over 100,000, or you can add your own recipes.

For features it has three built-in timers, adjustable font sizes, an ingredient substitution dictionary, conversion tool for measurements, and comes with a stand to prop it up. The battery life is rated at 3-4 hours.

Demy Reader Video Demo

2 Responses to “The Demy Reader – An eReader Designed for the Kitchen (Video)”

  1. Great idea! How much does this device cost?