130 Free eBooks from Kaplan: Nook, iBooks, and ePub eReaders

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Kaplan Publishing is offering over 130 free ebooks from January 4th – 17th from Barnes and Noble, the iBookstore, and through the Sony eBook Store.

You can use Sony’s free desktop software to download the free titles to read on any Adobe DRM supported ereader, not just Sony Readers.

Here’s the complete list of free ebooks from Kaplan, and here’s more details from the press release:

Update: Amazon now has the same 130+ free ebooks for the Kindle and Kindle apps.

NEW YORK, Jan. 4, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — To help the multitude of new owners with eBook reading devices, Kaplan Publishing is offering more than 130 Free eBooks in a promotion that runs from January 4 -10th. Owners of the Nook, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, and Sony eReader can find select Kaplan titles absolutely free by visiting: www.FreeKaplaneBooks.com.

Starting today, high school students; college students; those wanting GRE, GMAT or SAT practice tests; future doctors, lawyers, MBA’s and nurses and many more will find a variety of valuable Kaplan test prep guides, practice tests, practice questions, study aids, and related titles that would normally cost hundreds of dollars for free.

“In August we witnessed over 500,000 free eBook downloads in an exclusive two week promotion that was hugely successful in helping our students leverage their mobile devices to fit new opportunities to learn into their busy days,” said Maureen McMahon, President and Publisher of Kaplan Publishing. “Helping students of all ages reach their education goals is always our top priority and as they utilize new technology, Kaplan will be there with the best tools and content in both print and digital formats.”

Popular titles include several of The Cleveland Clinic consumer health guides, First Year Nurse, Getting Into Graduate School, Reaching the Bar, The Pressures of Teaching, Sharp Grammar, the MBA Fundamentals series and many more. Test prep study aids in the promotion cover standardized exams such as: GMAT, GRE, AP, ACT, SAT, MCAT, NCLEX, and the USMLE. These titles represent a significant one-time savings for students getting ready to prepare for college entrance exams, qualify for advanced certifications, and improve their understanding over a range of academic subjects.

New Year, New Possibilities epitomizes the exciting potential as a new group of students and adult learners kick-off the New Year using their new e-Reading devices.

8 Responses to “130 Free eBooks from Kaplan: Nook, iBooks, and ePub eReaders”

  1. I could be wrong, but it appears to be you can download only one free book from Kaplan. I based this on the fact that after I downloaded one book all the prices from free to not.

    • That’s weird. Which site did you download it from? What’s even stranger is this promotion initially included Kindle Books but then the Kindle disappeared from the list and then they never went free at Amazon, who usually matches everyone else’s free ebooks.

  2. I used the nook desktop application on my pc

    • I heard they were having some issues, like charging people when the price said free, so hopefully they’ll get that straightened out. There shouldn’t be any limit on number of downloads. I suggest Sony’s anyway because they are regular Adobe DRM’s that will work on many devices and the stupid Nook one’s probably have B&N’s DRM that will only work on Nook devices/software.

  3. Cool. I was initially going to try sony but I didn’t see a sony app for my device so I dont know if that is an option

  4. With the Sony Reader desktop app I have been able to down multiple Kaplan books for free. Thanks

  5. After downloading a few, I got a message that MBA Fundamentals International Business was “no longer available in your territory”

    So I went back into the Nook Desktop app and tried there and it downloaded. So may that prior issue was just temporary.