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Below are some coupon codes for ebooks from Kobo and eHarlequin, along with a list of discounted ebooks at eBooks.com. There’s this earlier post for coupon codes at eBooks.com. Most of those codes are still active through January.

Kobo is always running a sale of some sort. Use code Jan20us15 to get 20% off this list of ebooks. This is an unlimited use coupon that expires Jan. 23th, 2011.

The three codes below are for eHarlequin.com, but the first two don’t make any logical sense. Why would anyone use the 5% code instead of the 10% code if it applies to all ebooks?

SAVE 5% on all ebooks @ eHarlequin – use coupon code SAVE5EBOOK Click Here To Claim Now! Valid until 3/31/2011. Ebooks only.

SAVE 10% on all ebooks @ eHarlequin – use coupon code SAVE10EHQN Click Here To Claim Now! Valid until 3/31/2011. Ebooks only.

Spend over $15 @ eHarlequin & get $5 OFF your order with coupon code 5OFFEBOOK Click Here To Claim Now! Ebooks only.

Discounts and Special Offers

Huge Price Reductions by Publishers!

Take advantage of the fantastic specials listed below. All prices have been recently reduced – some for a limited time only.

The Cruelest Cut
By: Reed, Rick
Published by: Kensington Publishing Corp.
Publication date: November 1 2010

a killer plays mind games with a cop, There Are No Rules. The first
victim is attacked in her home. Tied to her bed. Forced to watch every
unspeakable act of cruelty–but unable to scream. The second murder is
even more twisted. Signed, sealed, and delivered with a message for the
police, stuffed more…


Detective Stories
By: French, Joseph Lewis
Published by: The Floating Press
Publication date: January 1 1920

Lewis French introduces his edition of detective stories with the
statement: “We did not readily realize what Poe had done when he created
Auguste Dupin.” Detective fiction is indeed a recent literary
tradition, and French’s collection celebrates it with writers such as
Edgar Allan more…


Extreme Danger
By: McKenna, Shannon
Published by: Kensington Publishing Corp.
Publication date: May 1 2010

Taste Of Danger. Skinny-dipping in a stranger’s pool–it’s as close to
reckless as good girl Becca Cattrell has ever been. But the house Becca
picked for her midnight swim just changed owners. And her harmless
escapade has landed her at the mercy of a brutal, terrifying
organization who’ll more…


Early Warning
By: Walsh, Michael
Published by: Kensington Publishing Corp.
Publication date: October 1 2010

Enemies Foreign And Domestic. The NSA’s most lethal weapon is back.
Code-named Devlin, he operates in the darkest recesses of the US
government. When international cyber-terrorists allow a deadly and
cunning band of radical insurgents to breach the highest levels of
national security, Devlin more…


Investing 101
By: Kristof, Kathy
Published by: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
Publication date: October 3 2008

wanting basic advice about stocks, bonds, mutual funds, retirement
planning, and tax strategies are often frustrated by information
overload. Picking the right book seems as daunting as deciding what to
do with their savings and investments. Investing 101: Updated and
Expanded removes both roadblocks, more…


By: Zebrowski, George
Published by: eReads
Publication date: January 1 1979

A Mobile Utopia, this pioneering novel about the meaning of space
habitats for human history, presents spacefaring as no work did in its
time, and since. A utopian novel like no other, presenting a dynamic
utopian civilization that transcends the failures of our history. Epic
in scope, Macrolife more…


By: Jackson, Lisa
Published by: Kensington Publishing Corp.
Publication date: January 3 2010

the accident that nearly claimed his life, New Orleans detective Rick
Bentz has been on edge. That must explain why his mind is playing
tricks, making him think he sees his first wife, Jennifer. His dead
wife. He can’t bring himself to tell his new wife, Olivia, about the
sightings, or his more…


Guard My Baby
By: Savage, Rebecca
Published by: Double Dragon Publishing
Publication date: March 17 2009

whirlwind romance with Cade Sheridan, a virile, fascinating lover who
has an intense affair with Lainie Blanford and then leaves her, results
in Lainie’s becoming pregnant. Threatened by a devious, clever,
dangerous madman who wishes to kill her baby because he thinks it is the
spawn of Satan, Lainie more…


Sister of the Bride
By: Mallery, Susan
Published by: Harlequin
Publication date: August 1 2010

Katie McCormick finds out that her sister is marrying her ex, she
finally agrees to a setup for the big day. To her surprise, Jackson is a
catch . But when wedding catastrophe ensues, will their sparks fizzle
or ignite into flames?more…


How to Be a Writer
By: Ferris, Stewart
Published by: Summersdale Publishers Ltd.
Publication date: November 11 2004

writer is someone who writes. It sounds obvious, but many people who
call themselves writers don’t produce enough words in a year to fill a
postcard. Other writers churn out thousands of words but never sell
their work. This book tackles both problems: it gets you writing, easily
and painlessly guiding more…


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