20 Free Kindle eBooks Plus 600 Kindle Books on Sale for $2.99 and Less

Kindle Sunshine Deals

Amazon is running a big ebook sale on over 600 titles through June 15th. The prices range from $0.99, $1.99, and $2.99. There are some really, really good deals on a lot of popular ebooks. Here’s the list of Kindle Sunshine Deals bestsellers.

Next, the free ebooks. Below are 20 highly-rated free Kindle ebooks. Note that these are only free for a limited time and are likely only free in the United States.

20 Free Kindle eBooks

The Deadliest Sin by Caroline Richards – Romance – 4 stars, 6 reviews.

The Art of the Commonplace by Norman Wirzba and Wendell Berry – Fiction – 4.5 stars, 9 reviews.

Children of Another God (The Broken World) by T C Southwell – Fantasy – 4 stars, 1 review.

Marked by Joely Skye – Romance – 4 stars, 10 reviews.

I, Spy? by Kate Johnson – Romance – 4.5 stars, 21 reviews.

Journey to the Well: A Novel by Diana Wallis Taylor – Fiction – 4.5 stars, 18 reviews.

This Fine Life: A Novel by Eva Marie Everson – Fiction – 4.5 stars, 27 reviews.

The Sentinels: Fortunes of War by Gordon Zuckerman – Suspense – 4.5 stars, 11 reviews.

The Swan House by Elizabeth Musser – Religious Fiction – 4.5 stars, 23 reviews.

In the Belly of Jonah by Sandra Brannan – Mystery – 4.5 stars, 12 reviews.

The Voyage of Promise by Kay Marshall Strom – Fiction – 4 stars, 5 reviews.

Solitary: A Novel by Travis Thrasher – Kindle eBooks – 4.5 stars, 43 reviews.

Let’s Go Europe 2011: The Student Travel Guide by Inc. Harvard Student Agencies – Travel – 4 stars, 12 reviews.

Admit One: My Life In Film by Emmett James – Biographies & Memoirs – 4 stars, 31 reviews.

Samson’s Lovely Mortal (Scanguards Vampires #1) by Tina Folsom – Romance – 4.5 stars, 91 reviews.

The Time Machine by H. G. Wells – Fiction Classics – 4 stars, 473 reviews.

Rules of Work, The, Expanded Edition: A Definitive Code for Personal Success by Richard Templar – Business – 4 stars, 45 reviews.

Stingray Bit My Nipple!: True Stories from Real Travelers by Erik Torkells – Travel – 4 stars, 14 reviews.

Life of Tom Horn – Government Scout and Interpreter by John C. Coble, Galen C Dukes and Tom Horn – Biographies & Memoirs – 4 stars, 1 review.

Breaths in Winter: Three Tales of Ghostly Horror by Donna Burgess – Horror – 4 stars, 2 reviews.

2 Responses to “20 Free Kindle eBooks Plus 600 Kindle Books on Sale for $2.99 and Less”

  1. While I guess some people grab all the freebies–even if they don’t know if they will ever read them, and then just archive them–it seems that the ability to organize Archived books is limited. Therefore I tend to only grab non-fiction/educational books that my refer to in the future.

  2. I have a ten hour shift and having the free books is awesome. Not everything is a full novel but I have caught the first in a few series and the US budget was a must.