Get a Refurbished Daily Edition (PRS-950) for $129 from Sony

Sony PRS-950 Daily Edition

I received a very interesting email last week and had to wait until now to post about it. Sony is selling refurbished PRS-950’s from for just $129 with coupon code OUTLETREADER110. The coupon code is valid from 6/22 – 6/25.

The Daily Edition normally sells for $299 new and $239 refurbished, so this is one of the best deals of the year. I’m even tempted to get one, but that’s just crazy talk…right? What would I do with yet another ereader?

The PRS-950 is Sony’s premium model. It has a 7″ E Ink Pearl screen, free 3G and WiFi, 2GB of memory, two memory card slots, an audio player, on-screen notes and highlights, 12 dictionaries, and a basic web browser. Here’s my review of the PRS-950 for more details about it.

Reading between the lines, it certainly looks like Sony is clearing stock in anticipation of releasing a new ereader or two. The PRS-650 and PRS-950 have both been listed as out of stock on for some time now. And both have been slowly disappearing from retailers’ shelves and websites, while the PRS-350 continues to be readily available. Also, the PRS-350 continues to remain on sale at Borders for $99 new.

If I were to guess, I’d say that Sony is going to release a 6″ ebook reader with WiFi in the near future, kind of a combination between the PRS-650 and PRS-950.

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  1. ” I’m even tempted to get one, but that’s just crazy talk…right?’

    It sure is. I wish I had the past month or so back because I would probably get one.

    My hope is Amazon will eventually replace the Kindle3 with a touch screen model that is 3G capable, has the Android OS, and can be rooted in order to put a few EPUB readers on it. Then all I would need is a 10″ or larger Eink reader for pdf files, and a small Android tablet with an LCD screen for internet, mp3s and video.

  2. It just a shame I am not from US, cause I would buy this prs950 NOW! Really looking forward to a new ereader from sony, which could use the new Freescale Processor and offer more font types. But the questions is when would be launched a new eareder?

  3. Lynette Olson June 22, 2011 at 3:17 pm

    Unfortunately, it did not allow me to also use my $50 e-coupon that I got from the Sony trade-in program. That would have given me a not brand new, 2nd reader with my out-of -pocket cost a little below the cost of other brands, brand new, similarly featured ereader. Still cost $139 including tax. I cancelled my order.

  4. Hi there,

    thanks for the tip. Unfortunately, seems like sony is no longer offering this discount 🙁 What a pity, it was a really good deal!

  5. I was trying to buy this with this couponcode, but it is not working for me. Maybe because I am not from the USA? I would send it to an USA friend though. I would love it for this price for sure. I contacted the customer service, but in a minute I got an answer back, that my case is too compicated and I should call them. Is it funny isn’t it, since in such a short time no one could read my emails. Now I really don’t know what to do. I can buy on the sony site it for 189USD now, but of cours I would prefer the 128USD price.

  6. Flavia Biccas June 23, 2011 at 5:59 am

    When trying to use the code OUTLETREADER110, the sony website send this msg: A promotion has already been applied for the following code: OUTLETREADER110. The following coupons are not applicable for this order: OUTLETREADER110.
    And the price of the PRS-950 stays at $189. Was it a on day promotion?

    • Apparently the deal has already expired; there was a limited number. Sony probably got way more sales on that deal than they expected. The deal was supposed to last until the 25th.

  7. bummer, I was planning to buy one of these!

  8. Nathan,

    It seems like yesterday that you told me about the 239 price for the Daily Reader. I’ve very pleased with purchase and the reader and its capabilities.

    However the further discounting within 60 days of purchase is very insulting and the way the Sony Customer Care handles the problem is terrible.

    What they do is tell you about their 30 day price match policy and then tell you that the 30 day price match policy is not applicable to refurbished items.

    Please explain to me how making that statement makes me feel any better? Unbelievable….

    BTW, the price is 189 and you can buy up to two units at that price prior to 6/25.

    • Sony is horrible with that kind of thing. I remember they had a sale where they were giving away a free case within a month after the 350 and 650 were first released. How stupid is that? I remember a lot of people returning their readers within the 30 day window so they could re-purchase it with a free case. I think it was the lighted cover too, which is pretty pricey.

  9. where I can send them an email? I have been looking around for the customer email help or something like that and cannot find it..

  10. I spoke with Sony America’s executive offices about my experience with their “customer careless” department. They took down some information and are going to have the e-reader specific support people get in touch with me to see if they can arrange some sort of compensation over the pricing fiasco (we’ll see what happens).

    I did point out to them that I understand the dynamics of the e-reader market right now with B&N and Kobo releasing e-readers that at a high level appear similar to the Sony readers for a price below the Kindle. At the same time though these lower end e-readers don’t have the features that I considered important to my purchase. I’m just surprised Sony is doing such a good job of shooting themselves in the foot.

  11. Suzanne Landers June 27, 2011 at 2:02 pm

    6/27/11, The outlet on the website is selling refurbished PRS-350sc readers for $99.99.

  12. I got a call back from Sony’s executive offices and then a few days later I received two Sony Style gift cards with value equivalent to the sudden difference in the price of the refurbished PRS-950SC.

  13. just got my prs-950 from that deal, but it came with a vizplex eink screen and not the pearl. 🙁 Can not try to change it, since I am from and at Brazil. Anyway it is great to read on it and I love it.

    • Good thing you got one during that time because they are pretty hard to find now, especially under MSRP. Don’t worry about the Vizplex, Sony forgot to change that on all their ereaders. It really is Pearl, they just neglected to change the logo/name.

  14. I have the same Vizplex logo on my PRS-650…

  15. thanks nathan, it explained why it is so great to read on this ereader. I am very happy for had buy this prs-950, since the new sony ereader is only 6″ and a really prefere the 7″. I really hope they update the firmware so the new features, like 8 font style, can be used in my “old” ereader.