Finding Free eBooks from Amazon, B&N, Kobo, and Sony

This is going to be the last free ebooks post for awhile. To be perfectly honest free ebooks posts are more trouble than they are worth because they are time-consuming to create and then a few weeks later the posts are pretty much worthless since most free ebooks only last for a limited time.

So for this post, instead of listing a bunch of free ebooks that will soon expire, I’ve listed the places where you can keep updated on the latest free ebooks yourself. And don’t forget the main free ebooks page for the list of most popular websites to get free ebooks from. Enjoy!

Free Kindle Books from Amazon

Limited-Time Offers List

Kindle Popular Classics

Official Kindle Forum

Free Nook Books from Barnes and Noble

Entire Free eBooks List

Latest Free eBooks and Nook Apps

Free Nook Books Page

Unbound Nook Blog – Free Fridays

Free eBooks from Sony

Sony’s Free eBook Page

Latest Free eBooks

Free eBooks from Kobo

Kobo’s Free eBooks List

8 Responses to “Finding Free eBooks from Amazon, B&N, Kobo, and Sony”

  1. Can’t say I blame you. Once in a while a particular book becomes free that is worth mentioning, like the Dr. Vook animated ones, but otherwise not.

  2. I just thought of a new joke.

    I want to read that new e-book, but it costs too much so I’ll wait until I can download it in paperback.


  3. Thank you for taking huge amount of efforts in sharing the best available free e-books online. Yes, most these books are free for a limited time only, and we understood that you have no control to that.

  4. Another free ebooks library:
    Over 20’000 eBooks…

  5. Thanks for trying but I can see how its not worth the effort. One thing that people should try that often ends up being better is using coupon codes. I often get codes for fictionwise and other ebook sellers that give 40, 50, or 60% reductions….pretty significant.

    I don’t know if I’m allowed to post a link here but I find the retailmenot dot com site often has great book codes.

    What I love THIS blog for is all the e reader reviews and comparisons and well as the useful user info. This is a great site. Thanks for all the info you share!

  6. May I also suggest the blog, Books on the Knob – Karen does a great job of staying on top of the free limited-time offers for a variety of e-readers:

    Inkmesh also tries to keep up on freebies, but the Smashwords titles seem to be taking over:

    The Amazon-specific eReaderIQ site tracks e-book pricing and keeps a list of free e-books. You can receive notifications by email. E-books that are free at Amazon are often free at other e-booksellers. As with InkMesh, though, the Smashwords titles are flooding the list and making it less useful than it once was:

  7. Thanks for the comprehensive list of places to look for free e-books! And also for bringing out the suggestions from other readers of your site.
    I also want to mention the great work that you do on your reviews of e-readers. It was so valuable to me when I was trying to select which one to purchase. Just to have a list of options available and what they are was priceless.
    Keep up the great work!!

    • Thanks for the kind words, everyone! Very much appreciated. And thanks for the links too, those are some good resources to know about.