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The eBook Reader on Facebook

So I finally went ahead and setup a Facebook page for The eBook Facebook is more popular than ever with over 750 million active users and this site has been up for over 2 years now, so I guess it’s about time.

We are really late to the Facebook party, so please stop by the new eBook Reader Facebook page and give it a Like.

I just started the Page and haven’t really set it up yet, but plan on adding more to it in time. Currently it automatically posts the RSS feed from this site, but I want to change it so that pictures and possibly comments are included from each post too.

The new Facebook page will get unique content posted as well, not just posts from the blog. I’m going to start posting sales and deals for ebook readers, tablets, and ebooks on the Facebook page because they are often too short a topic to make an entire blog post for.

I also plan on adding Facebook commenting to all the review pages and static pages on this site very soon, so more to come.

3 Responses to “Follow The eBook Reader on Facebook”

  1. thumbs up!

  2. I’d advise against publishing your full RSS feed to your Facebook page. Not only will it annoy users by spamming their news feed (half the pages I’ve liked are already dropped from my feed for this very reason), it may reduce page views on this site and in turn your advertising revenue.

    • Thanks for the Likes everyone, and the advice Ted! I’m not a fan of full RSS feeds anyway because it makes it too easy for ripoff sites to re-publish it, which wouldn’t be a problem if Google wasn’t so stupid that they place the scrapper sites ahead of the source articles in Google search (this happens a lot more than you’d think).