How to Fix Home Button on Rooted Pandigital Nova

Pandigital Nova Rooted

If you’ve seen my Pandigital Nova rooting guide, then you’ll know that the one problem I had with rooting my Pandigital Nova was the fact that the home button stopped working.

Luckily there’s a quick fix for that. Thanks to Dennis for leaving a comment explaining how to make it work. I tried it out yesterday and now the home button works great, and the search button works like it is supposed to now as well.

So here’s how to fix the Pandigital Nova’s home button.

1. Download the Pandigital Nova’s original firmware here from Pandigital’s website (I downloaded the one dated 08092011).

2. Place the firmware zip file as is on the Nova’s microSD card, and make sure to delete any old firmware and update files while you are at it.

3. With the Pandigital Nova powered off, you now need to boot it in recovery mode like you did earlier to root it. To do this, just hold down the power button and volume up button at the same time. Let go of the power button when the screen turns on, but continue to hold the volume up button until the Android update icon appears.

4. At this point, the update will install automatically and then the Nova will restart. Now the home button should work without a problem. All my apps and the root still existed so I didn’t have to do anything further. The Nova them prompted to install the newer firmware update. I chose to install it and everything has still worked fine since. It’s the same firmware as before doing all this, 08102011.

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  1. I followed your instructions to fix home key, but it didn’t work. After I booted up it did not automatically reboot, it wanted me to select an update to run, but the file was not listed.

    • Make sure to delete any firmwares or added files from the rooting process on the microSD card first. The Nova will create a folder for old firmware too—get rid of it.

  2. Um, I’m already running the old firmware (dated 7/29/11) from having reverted TO it in order to root the Nova.

    Are you saying I should “update” to that old firmware yet AGAIN, to get the Home key to work?…

  3. Where do I get the button replacements as shown in the video?

  4. I have tried everything you said to fix this, and it is not working. When I first rooted my device, it worked fine, then my husband wanted my device and I was getting another one, so I did a factory reset. When I did, that is when the Home and Search buttons stopped working. My system keeps saying that there is an error with the file from that link (mind you I have downloaded it several times). So I don’t know what else to do. Is there anything you can suggest? If I didn’t have to give mine to my husband, it still would have been working right now.

    Also, how can I remove the root program on my device?

    • I don’t know. I give up. I’ve come to the conclusion that rooting is more trouble than it is worth. I reset my Nova the other day and that undid root so I had to follow my own directions again and it everything worked at first but then the Market stopped showing very many results and wouldn’t update to the newer version. I’ve decided to just stick with the Amazon Appstore and Android Freeware.

      Thus I would suggest checking SlateDroid for all things Nova root related. They are the source for the firmware mods.

  5. Ok. Fixed it. You need to update your link. The software update they need is the most current one:


    The date for it is 9/26/2011.

    Only issue is that it takes off all of your rooting stuff, so you have to add it back on.

  6. I have been trying all of the rooting instructions for the Pandigital eReader and have had no luck. I am assuming that I have an older model (Model: RR7T20WBL1). I can’t seem to get the firmware updates to automatically install or to get to the installation menu you describe. Do you have any more hints you could pass on. Thx

  7. Just did everything it told me to do, and it worked perfectly. thanks!!

  8. efren hernandez January 9, 2012 at 1:51 am

    “How to Fix Pandigital Nova” dot booted up that screen say pandigital I have been trying all of the rooting instructions for the Pandigital eReader and have had no luck.

    • Well, if you’re like ninety percent of everyone else trying this, you’re probably not using the Pandigital Nova. I keep getting emails asking why the rooting directions don’t work on a Pandigital Planet, Super Nova, black Novel, etc. That’s because these directions are for the Pandigital Nova only.

  9. My GOD you are a saint, I have been up for 6 hours trying to fix what the rooting did to my tablet, and what makes it worst is, I used your website to root it. If I had looked around more I would have found my solution on your website also lol. Instead of spending hours searching hundreds of websites

  10. How do you delete the old firmware update if you downloaded it to internal memory?

  11. You just install override it.

  12. The latest Nova firmware, dated 12-15-2011, does its update by first formatting /system. This will wipe out /system/bin/su and /system/app/Superuser.apk, and anything else on /system for that matter. Just sayin’. Maybe that earlier firmware bundle, plus an OTA update, won’t wipe it out, but the latest will.

    I found out where I could download it by running the FW app and tracing the exchanged packets to find out where it was fetching the firmware from. Unfortunately it’s not linked on their site anywhere I could find.

    • Oh, one more thing I forgot…I don’t know if you’d call it easier or not, but zergrush works famously on the Nova’s 2.3.4. It’d require turning on USB debugging, and either using SuperOneClick or having a working Android adb. Me, personally, I have a Linux system with the Adroid SDK tools (includes adb) installed, and I push S1C’s zergrush binary to /data/local/tmp and use “adb shell” to run it manually, then use adb push again to push su and Superuser.apk.

      I’ve just found this a little easier personally, because you don’t have to fiddle with the SD card and the files on it.

      Here’s some links for reference:

  13. Did the whole rooting process….. success, tried to get the file to fix home button…. failed. If you have this file, could you please send it to me? The mirror portion of the pandigital site is no longer active from what I can tell, because my computer will not connect to it. Thanks for your time!

    • Pandigital went bankrupt a few months back so that’s why the download isn’t working. You might try finding it at SlateDroid.

  14. I do not find the firmware file on the pandigital website. Could you provide me one?