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  • Lowest priced E Ink ebook reader
  • Solid build quality, nice design, good ergonomics
  • Fast page turns, partial page refresh setting
  • Set device language, dictionaries
  • Access to Amazon’s large library of ebooks and periodicals, plus free library ebooks now too

  • No audio support means no music, audiobooks, or text-to-speech
  • Lots of Kindle apps don’t work, games and active content
  • On-screen keyboard more tedious than physical keyboard for adding notes, running searches, etc

The Kindle 4 is a great ebook reader for the price, but the Kindle Touch is a better value. For an extra $20 you get a touchscreen, audio support, and double the memory and battery life.

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  1. Hasn’t it been said that the reason that they don’t allow you to open links is because you would then be able to download books, or something like that?

    “Below the screen it the same 5-way nav controller from the Kindle 3”

    I am not a fan of the controller on my KIndle3. I find the edges are not meaty enough. I would prefer a bit more surface area.