Hunger Games Trilogy $5 Deal at Kobo, Other Kobo eBooks Discount Codes

Hunger Games

Kobo is running a deal on the Hunger Games ebooks until the end of March where you can get all three ebooks in the Hunger Games Trilogy for about $5 or less, depending on your region and local taxes.

For me it is $5.01 total, with the first book $1.55, and the second and third $1.73 each. Others have gotten them for less. Initially some were able to get the trilogy package using the code but Kobo seems to have pulled the plug on that so you have to get each title individually now.

In order to get the deal price, you’ll need to use a different code for each book in the series from these Hunger Games coupon codes below:

  • HungerGamesDeal5
  • HungerGamesDeal3
  • HungerGamesDeal2

Book Links

Enter the coupon code in the Promo Code box during checkout.

If Hunger Games isn’t your taste or if you already have it, here are some additional coupon codes for that will work on non-agency ebooks.

  • c4auto40 – 40% off – Expires ?
  • c4auto35 – 35% off – Expires ?
  • c3auto35 – 35% off – Expires ?
  • c2auto35 – 35% off – Expires ?
  • c1auto30 – 30% off – Expires ?
  • jmar23us20k – 20% off – Expires March 26th
  • jmar23ca20k – 20% off – Expires March 26th


15 Responses to “Hunger Games Trilogy $5 Deal at Kobo, Other Kobo eBooks Discount Codes”

  1. I paid $3.06

    Thank you so very much. I just downloaded Catching Fire after I finished reading my friend’s copy of the Hunger Games. Seems decent but now I have my own paid trilogy! Now to convert these to mobi.

  2. Thanks. Using the promo codes listed, I was able to get the three for $3.06 – $0.83 for the 1st, $1.16 for the 2nd, and $1.07 for the 3rd.

  3. Nathan, I paid 4.87 total with the first being 1.51 and the last two 1.68 each. Getting the trilogy for $3 to $5 is a great deal regardless of what price you get.

    I think of the publishers want to stop piracy then they should abandon the agency model.

  4. Shirla Ghadaki March 25, 2012 at 5:51 am

    I paid a total of $4.88 for the 3 books–thank you for the information.

  5. Thanks Nate! Never read the books, but the deal is just too good to pass up. I paid about $3.06, like Steve.

  6. The Hunger Games audio book is available today, Sunday, for $4.95 from It is the 1. book only, not the trilogy. Link:

  7. Thanks for the code. I’ve been wanting to get the Hunger games book. I will definitely use right now. Thanks again.

  8. Well, that’s disappointing. I saw “Adobe DRM EPUB”, but read that as TWO formats (1) Adobe DRM and (2) EPUB. I now have a perfectly useless version of the first book. Only cost $0.88, but it’s still annoying.

    Oh well. Hope y’all enjoy the books.

  9. The codes do not work given; however, I tried HungerGamesDeal (Withought a number at the end) and was able to get “Catching Fire” for only $1.17

    Thanks for sharing!

    • It looks like they probably changed it so it only works on one of the books. Since they aren’t agency ebooks you can use the other discount codes. It’s not as much but at least it’s something, Oh, and here’s a new 45% off code: c4auto45

  10. I used HungerGames5 to get the first book. The discount applied and the book was supposed to cost $1.51 but the order didn’t go thu at first. When it did finally go thru I was charged $10.09. I was able to use the other 2 codes to get the other 2 books for $1.68 each. When I contacted Kobo about a credit, I was told that only 1 code is supposed to be used per account. The other codes are actually for different countries (Canada and Australia, I think) and if they went thru, count yourself lucky. No credit can be applied for the one that didn’t work.

  11. Hi,

    I used the same code HungerGamesDeal and got the three books at a discount. I had to wait a few hours to buy each book though.


  12. I must have gotten there just in time because I got the first book for 85 cents, and the other 2 books for just a little over a buck apiece.
    Thanks for the heads-up!

  13. Even tho there is still few hours left in the month of March, none of the codes work. I got a msg that the promo code has expired. The c4auto45 code mentioned by a reader above tho, did work. Thank you