Ematic eGlide Prima and eGlide Pro III – Cheap Android 4.0 Tablets

Ematic eGlide Prima

I was doing some research yesterday and came across a couple of new cheap Android 4.0 tablets, the Ematic eGlide Prima and the eGlide Pro III. Both tablets are similar yet different, and they sell for under $120, sometimes as low as $99.

Both have 7″ capacitive touchscreens and come with 4GB of memory, 5GB of cloud storage, a microSD card slot, accelerometer, Wi-Fi, and they come with the Kobo ereading app pre-installed for ebooks.

What’s interesting about the eGlide Prima is the listing at Amazon says it is “Google Certified” and comes with Google Play access for Android apps—that’s something not often found on $99 tablets.

Other than being Google certified, the eGlide Prima doesn’t have any features that jump out. It has a 1.2GHz processor—that’s about as technical as the specs get.

The Ematic eGlide Pro III, on the other hand, comes with some hardware upgrades. According to the product page at Walmart, it has a front-facing camera and an HDMI port that supposedly supports 2160p 3D content output to a TV.

However, the Ematic eGlide Pro III doesn’t say anything about being Google Certified so likely doesn’t come with access to the Google Play store.

Also, the listing at Walmart says the eGlide Pro III has a dual-core 1GHz processor. I highly doubt that is accurate. It may have a dual-core GPU but it is unlikely a $118 tablet made by Ematic is sporting a dual-core 1GHz CPU.

But you never know. Ematic doesn’t have either of these tablets listed on their website, and spec sheets are no where to be found.

There’s also the Ematic eGlide Prism listed on Amazon, which looks like a mix between the Prima and eGlide Pro III. It also claims it has a “multi-core” 1GHz processor. It sells for $169, but none are available for 1-2 months.

Regardless, I’ll try and pickup one of these Ematic tablets at some point to review. The Prima looks to be the pick of the litter with Google apps, but it also has the least amount of hardware features. Ematic should consider adding a few more 7″ models to the mix to make it even more confusing…

Ematic eGlide Prima Promo Video

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  1. They always like to leave off the resolution. Plus the battery life probably sucks. Yeah the “Google certified” is interesting and makes me wonder what the hell are requirements, and why the hell wouldn’t a company like Coby didn’t get their tablets certified.

    • Dont buy anu product from Ematic. My device under a 90 day warranty pooped out at day 20. Ematic told me there are no refunds. I must mail the unit to them….paying postage on my end. When they receive it it will take a 6 week turn around time. They will charge me for labor!! Beside that, I hated the device when I got it. Loading music on it did not work properly and it sucked up 3 hours of my time.

  2. I really want to get an ICS 4.0 tablet. Does anyone have any recommendations on what I should buy (price is not a big issue; I want a great screen). Should I just wait for some future Google or Asus tablet to be released?

    Thanks for your help.

    • The resolution is definitely the usual budget 800 x 480, but who knows about battery life. Probably lucky to get seven hours.

      Andrew, that depends if you want a 7 or 10 inch tablet. Lots of good choices for the latter but there’s not much on the 7″ front yet. Like I said before, I would consider the 7″ Galaxy Tab 2 if I were you. It has a much nicer screen than these budget ones, plus the dual-core processor and other nice features. The only thing I don’t like is the lack of an HDMI port. This summer should bring some even better options.

  3. Ok, I’m rather new to this tablet stuff, and I’d like some suggestions, I think. 😉

    I’m wanting to get a cheap 7″ tablet (not an e-reader)… for what’s out there under $100…. what would you all recommend? My uses would be: books, email, internet searches, and whatever little game apps that would run on it (nothing like Zynga games or anything that heavy). I also would like to know if you purchase an inexpensive 7″ tablet, say with Android 2.2, can it be updated to 4.0.. or is it forever bound to be 2.2?

    Thank you most kindly,

    • Some tablets running older version of Android get updates but not very many; you’re better off getting something with Android 4.0 already installed. There’s not any I really heartily recommend for under $100. These Ematics might be okay but I haven’t tested them yet. There’s a bunch of similar budget-esque Android 4.0 tablets including one from Polaroid that’s $99 on Amazon, the Next 7se, which looks promising. I reviewed a new Coby Tablet that’s really cheap on Amazon right now but I didn’t care for the 4-5 hour battery life. The Novo Paladin is also cheap but you’d be better off with the Ematic with Google apps or one of the others since the Paladin doesn’t support very many apps.

  4. Nate,

    I have been thinking about going with the 10.1 inch screen. On your recommendation, I did check out the Samsung Tab 2 for a 7″ model, but I’m leaning towards a 10.1?

    Thanks ever so much.

  5. I’d really like to get an ebook reader with the processing power of a tablet. i.e. a tablet with e-ink rather than an LCD screen so it has a bit more horsepower when searching for ebooks and other tasks.

    I have a Kobo Touch and (although I like it) it can be fairly slow when searching through the files I have loaded onto the microSD card. It also only searches by author name and book/story title rather than the tags/series names I laboriously set up in Calibre. Would really like full-fledged searching but that seems to require tablet-level processing power.

  6. So i actually bought this tablet and have had it for a week. I been wanting to write a quick review about it so it can help others.

    The screen is ok, sharp colors with hd backgrounds. I haven’t tried the output of 2160p 3D but theres a demo video that comes in the tablet and it looks good. in ANTUTU benchmark tests, it rakes in about a score of 2700 stock before mods. the battery is just 1500 mAh and it charges through an AC adapter, its not big but it doesn’t charge through the usb. it is pretty slim and light weight and it doesn’t get as hot. there is a misrepresentation regarding the 4GB flash NAND drive though, its definitely not 4gb. the System rom is 361MB, Internal space comes with 1.23Gbs and i bought a class 10 16gb card. but currently only reading it as a 2gb, will work on that later.

    Also, I Can confirm it is a Dualcore ARM V7 rev2 1.2ghz processor, not 1ghz like its stated in warlmart.com
    RAM wise, it only has 512mb, and with ICS i usually have about 100-150 mb RAM fee. like other cheap’ish tablets, ICS thinks its a phone so it will continually look for phone.apk process, which i can see through Alogcat app (logs internal process, root required). So i froze an SMS process, Phone.apk and Talkback.apk now it won’t look for this process and it has saved ALOT of battery, allowing it to last longer.

    One problem i found at times was the response/speed of the tablet. not all the time, but its irked me. I’ve installed SetCPU and Android Overclock (though undervolting/clock modules do not work yet, just CPU Frequency scaling.. / paid apps $$) (though market will say not compatible, i assure you they are, thus find the means to get the APK to install, i’ve put the minimum Frequency applied at boot to 600mhz and max at 1200mhz, haven’t tried to over clock it, theres not much support for this tablet, hopefully there will be after this post since its the only tablet besides the mainstreams and a couple of third party tablets that can be rooted, that are NOT Gingerbread.

    Something to be very wary of this tablet is it DOES NOT COME WITH Google’s Marlet/Playstore. it can be installed but you will get an error that will basically force close the market/google play every time. I was able to get the market to work by installing google framework.apk version 2.3 or something, then market 3.1.3. After that it worked, but it hasn’t prompted me to update to Google Play nor do i want to risk it, it works just the same. I get prompts/alerts to update my current apps and functions just the same. once in a while it will force close but 95% of the time it works norma.

    Warnings: it comes with 2 other “app stores” that plain suck. Appoke and Ematic App Shop. major warning on Appoke, if you make an account in the app, it will be added to your “Accounts & Sync” option in your system, where your accounts are stored and UPLOAD YOUR CONTACTS!! thats right it will do so, major warning with them since they seem like a shady store, plus they had outdated apps.

    You can install Amazon’s appstore with no problem though.

    THE BEST PART OF THIS TABLET, IS THAT I WAS ABLE TO ROOT IT!! Thats right, Stock ICS 4.0.3, i was able to so thats the only reason why I’m not returning it since i want an ICS rooted tablet.

    I also bought the Double Power MD 740 tablet ICS 4.0.3. and its screen and colors are much better. looks like development for ICS on that tablet is more attuned to a tablet’s needs. only thing i didn’t like was there are no drivers for usb, not allowing it to install and connect it to a windows machine though I’m sure someone smart enough could do it, i only superficially tried this so i sold it to an uncle.

    Hopefully this review will help others, il check back on it often if anyone has any questions. (and excuse my types, Iong day)

  7. I want to root my ematic eglide pro III but dont know how. Do you have any websites or insturctions I can follow so I can download google play to this tablet?

  8. Hello Rebekah, yes I created this tutorial for you and others that need help with installing google market. Its actually very easy and hope this helps. I put this files on my Box account for now, these are the ones i used to install google market on my Ematic Eglide Pro III, but in theory and I’m sure in application, they can be used translated to be used on other third party ICS 4.0.3 android tablets. – In regards to rooting your tablet, it could be complicated but then again, it may not be. I say so because its possible the system has shipped ‘open’ already, and once you install google market, you can check if you have root by downloading the application, Superuser. – in the preferences, Update su binary, and if all turns ‘ok’ and green, at the end it will tell you if you have root. if so, congrats. now just install Busybox, by Jrummy, which is what root apps like Titanium backup needs to function. i recommend you buy titanium root, because you can freeze the apps i mentioned in my earlier post, giving you more battery life, but also freeze the bloatware apps that it comes with etc.
    goodluck: here is the tutorial:

    *instructions to install google market 3.1.3 on android ice cream sandwich 4.0.3 Ematic Eglide pro III
    download the Files @ https://www.box.com/s/3e3c0a4196df0e52329b

    These files will be hosted here for some time.

    *This has been modified from this tutorial to fit the Ematic Eglide Pro III

    *for this process, I used onetime-initializer.apk and android vending 3.1.3.apk app from this process* and scoured the internet for the other two apps, google books and googleservicesframework.apk

    *Before you begin, have your google account set up with your tablet, under the Settings- Accounts & Sync.

    1) install first onetimeinitiailizer-signed.apk (Version 2.3.3)

    2) to be safe, reboot/restart the tablet device. after rebooted, install Googleservicesframework.apk . it should install, the version i used was 2.3.3 i believe and then reboot. (Version 2.3)-
    *funny thing, after you reboot, googleservicesframework.apk version would change and read back to its initial stock version 4.0.1-223304

    3) making sure your google account is set up with your tablet under Accounts in the Settings, install Google Books, com.google.android.apps.books.apk. after you install it, Open it and select your account once it prompts you. it should take you to google Books main menu. after, reboot/restart once again (Version 1.0.16)

    4) now install vending-3.1.3-signed.apk which is GOOGLE MARKET app version 3.1.3. (Its not Google play, but Market prior to google play. It works just the same, downloading and updating apps and other content.) – after you install it, open it, hopefully it opens, you will be asked to “Allow Access” two or three times, accept and allow access. Also you will be prompted to Accept their Terms of Service, which is standard. (Version 3.1.3)

    * after these steps, google market 3.1.3 should be working on your tablet 3.1.3.

    – troubleshooting-
    if it doesn’t work and you get the message “Unfortunately Google Market has closed” EVERY TIME you start it, try to redo the process again. But if you are, first CLEAR DATA for Google Market and Google Books. After you do, then uninstall them. Reboot and try the process again.-

    -Also, it could be that these versions are not compatible with your device, if so i suggest you look for different versions online of these same apps, which can be found for Gapps (various releases) at Rootzwiki website and also XDA developers, people there have been very helpful in figuring this out.

    DISCLAIMER: these are not my apps, and i do not take credit for them what so ever. they are of GOOGLE and again claim no credit nor this has been sold for any monetary value but just providing information to the public domain.

    Also, if you wanted to use GOOGLE’s SDK platform, with ADB, allowing you to really get into the device and development but also edit core features in the build.prop like LCD Density which is the equivalent of the screen’s resolution, you can through here, granted you have root access.

    What you have to use is google’s generic usb driver setup that comes with Google Android’s SDK. Where ever you install it, in the folder C;/…./android-sdk-windows\extras\google\usb_driver, usb_driver folder, you have to open the file called ‘android-winusb.ini’ and enter the following under the list of other devices: [Google.NTx86]

    Under this, in the list you add:

    ;Ematic Eglide pro iii
    %SingleAdbInterface% = USB_Install, USB\VID_18D1&PID_0003
    %CompositeAdbInterface% = USB_Install, USB\VID_18D1&PID_0003&MI_01

    afterwords, it should detect the device, and you will be able to use ADB in the command prompt.
    all this really is is, the Device Instance ID, which can be derived from windows Hardware tab, then Device Manager, then choose your android device thats not being read with the yellow prompt, and look for Device Instance ID, which is respective to your device. This can also work for other third party tablet devices that don’t come with any support from their manufactures, because they are so cheap.

    I reset my device by accident trying to do a backup through ADB which encryption failed, prompting a reset and the screen resolution was smaller. I edit’d build.prop file in the /System/ folder, where the standard value is 120. I’m using 128 now. After 128, android system moves things around, and adds a status bar, much like a phone which drops down. I preferred the dock look setting, so the max i found out was 128. your preference. BUT IF YOU DO EDIT the LCD Density value from 120, know that the stock Launcher app (Dock) will fail every time and you will not be able to do nothing. To fix this: – use ADB, then the command ‘pull’ the build.prop file, edit it on your computer and set another value or back to stock 120. – you can avoid this by installing a third party Launcher, like GO Launcher EX, which is what i used and now works perfectly, giving me bigger letters and icons.

    – Hope this helps people.

  9. Thank you Roman…followed your steps exactly and now a good tablet has become a great tablet.

  10. Hi thank you for explaing all the directions in such detail. I have 2 tablets(one for me and one for my husband). I followed the directions on both and it installed on both. One works great and lets me install all apps. The other doesnt let me install anything. It gives me an error message saying could not download due to an error. Any idea on how to fix this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  11. You welcome Steven and Nathan, glad I could be of assistance.

    Rebekah, are both your tablets of the same kind, i.e. eglide pro iii? if so, thats thats an odd message. I’ve encountered it once, when downloading Niteynight light app, I was able to circumvent the error by actually going into play.google.com online through a browser on my laptop, searching for the app and being signed in, installed it through the website rather than the app, you just choose your device off a list and it will instruct it to download. the market has failed and shut down but nothing a restart won’t fix and it actually will download. – i know this might seem inconvenient and defeat the purpose of having the Market on our tablets.. have you tried to redo the process? also, does it give you an ‘error code’ like this one- “Unable to download-error code (101)” or any error code # at all?

  12. HI yes they are both eglide pro III’s. Did not give error code. I finally figured it out though. I was going to redo process but all I had to do was remove his gmail account from the tablet and them add it again and it worked fine after that. Thank you for all your help. It has helped us so much!

  13. Roman,
    Worked perfectly, many thanks!

  14. I bought the III from Walmart and even though their specs said it came with a USB port, it actually does not. It has a mini usb port. Bought an adapter (usb IN, mini OUT) in an attempt to add a keyboard case and also a otg adapter cable in case the first one doesn’t work (hasn’t arrived yet). Problem now seems to be that I will need to enable usb hosting and I cannot locate this setting on the device. No usb options are there except for debugging.
    Does this mean it is not possible to ever use an external keyboard?

  15. Just received my emantic however the app store setup is not working. It’s not allowing me to select ‘country’ which is a required field. Can anyone help me with this?

  16. Thank you very much Mr. Roman, I successfully installed google market in my Ematic Eglide 7″ Internet Tablet . What I did is I freshly reset the factory settings. then I sync my google account then..I followed you instructional steps. then in the google framework, since it was not installed because it already has existing app. I’d just proceed to the steps installed google books then for google market..I read all the threads & I’m happy & satisfied with my ematic tablet. God bless.

  17. Thanks Roman! I have been beating my brains out trying to fix my tablet. I had rooted my tablet, got Google Play to install and work, and installed some of my favorite apps. Next thing I know the tablet turns of. I booted it up and it has reverted back to being brand new.I tried to do it again and found that There was no more room to install apps and every time it boots all the settings have changed back to first boot out of the box. I searched everywhere and found a link to download the drivers,LiveSuite, and the stock image file.I could never get my windows laptop to install the drivers for the tablet. Thanks to you I got the drivers to work and was able to install the stock Android stuff.

  18. All ematic products suck. I have owned 2 so far and they both were crappy. Their customer service is awful also. Don’t waste your money.