Sales and Deals: eReaders and Tablets and eBooks – 6/6/2012


There are some really good deals to be had on ereaders and tablets this week. And at the bottom of this post there are some 20%-50% off discount codes for Kobo ebooks as well.

If you live near a Micro Center store you can get one of the best deals for a 7″ Android 4.0 tablet so far this year, and WalMart has a good deal on a Kindle Touch 3G. Here’s the list…

$199 7″ Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.0 – Micro Center is currently selling the latest 7″ Galaxy Tab for $50 less than anywhere else. This is a great deal for a tablet that is a lot better than the Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet both. The catch is you have to pick it up in store.

$109 Kindle Touch 3G – WalMart has the Kindle Touch 3G on sale this week, but you have to buy it in stores, not online. It normally sells for $189 without ads and $149 with “special offers”. Not sure which one WalMart is selling because the weekly ad doesn’t specify.

$89 7″ Android 4.0 tablet – Not sure about this deal; it looks a little too good to be true given the specs. According to Amazon’s listing, this has a 1024 x 600 resolution screen instead of the lower res screens on virtually all the other budget tablets.

$89 iRulu 7″ Android 4.0 tablet – An intriguing price for an Android 4.0 tablet with an HDMI port and the Android Market (according to the listing anyway).

$69 Kobo Touch with Offers – Best Buy has the ad-supported Kobo Touch for $10 less than it usually sells for.

$149 10″ Cobalt Android 4.0 tablet – I found this on eBay and it’s one of the cheapest 10″ Android 4.0 tablets around. This picture shows an earlier version of Android so who knows….

$99 Kobo Touch – This gets less attention than it deserves given the fact it doesn’t have ads at that price.

$29 iTomic color ereader – It’s probably not very good but this is as cheap as it gets in ereaderville.

$159 10″ Ematic eGlide Pro II – I have no experience with this tablet whatsoever but it looks like a pretty good deal for the price. It normally sells for $40 more.

$115 Nook Color – Today is the last day to get a refurbished Nook Color from Newegg for $20 less than it sells for elsewhere.

$72 Nook Touch – Newegg has the refurbished Nook Touch for cheaper than usual.

$104 Sony PRS-T1 – Newegg has an open-box PRS-T1 for $25 less than the regular price.

$69 Sony Pocket PRS-300 – This isn’t a bad price for one of Sony’s older 5″ ereaders, although it’s pretty out-dated by this time.

Kobo eBooks Discount Codes

Here are some active codes for ebooks from Kobo eBooks found via MobileRead.

Welcome20 (20% off)
Kobodollaroff ($1 off)
JUNE20OFF (20% off)
save20offer (20% off)
survey25 (25% off)
c1auto25 (25% off)
thankyou2012 (35% off)
c1auto30 (30% off)
c2auto25 (25% off)
c2auto30 (30% off)
c2auto35 (35% off)
c3auto35 (35% off)
c4auto35 (35% off)
c4auto40 (40% off)
c4auto45 (45% off)
anniversary20 (20% off)
1x2590us (25% off)
1x2530us (25% off)
2x25180us (25% off)
RggiCA5091 (50% off)

9 Responses to “Sales and Deals: eReaders and Tablets and eBooks – 6/6/2012”

  1. Beware! The $115 Nook Color on New Egg is NOT B&N certified factory refurbished. It comes from a company called Sohnen Enterprises and only carries a 30 day warranty. But you have to dig well into New Egg’s product description to discover that.

  2. Good catch Jim T.

  3. Walmart, $109, Kindle Touch (3G/Wi-Fi), Special Offers (got it today).

    • Eh, I would say it’s nothing special, especially for that price. You could probably find something better on Amazon and not have to deal with a Chinese importer. I was going to order something from them once but decided to do some research first and it sounds like if something isn’t in stock they don’t say anything and just send it out whenever they feel like it. And if you have to return something, it could be difficult.

  4. Hi there, Amazon UK is selling a tablet called NATPC MOO9 S RTB Ultimate 7″ 16GB capacitive Android Tablet for under £100.00.Any body come across it in the US or is it called something else

  5. $29 iTomic color ereader

    hey Nathan, does this ereader works for comics??

    I would like to buy this for the kid! The price sounds right for a ereader for my seven year old.

    • It doesn’t say it supports comic formats and it doesn’t support Android apps, but if the comics are in PDF format it should work okay. I never tested that model so can’t speak on performance. I noticed in the related links at Walmart they also have the Cruz T301 for $59 and an Ematic with Android 4.0 for $69. As far as comics, both would be better in that regard because they can install Android apps and have faster processors and capacitive touchscreens.