Onyx Boox i62HD to Get Lighted Screen

Onyx Boox with Light

Editor’s Note: This article was written by Jim Savitz, a regular reader of this blog. If you have an ereader or ebook related article or news tip you’d like to submit, feel free to send me an email.

A couple of months ago Nathan posted a brief review about a new e-ink e-reader from Onyx Boox called the i62HD which has a 6 inch high resolution (1024 by 758 pixel) screen.

But more significantly, based on discussions in this blog, several people are interested in whether this e-reader would get a lighted screen, which now appears to be close to a reality. There are also rumors that this e-reader may be Android based since Onyx has been using their own Linux builds. I wouldn’t discount use of Linux since Onyx has some of the most robust firmware functionality of any ereader.

Onyx Boox has posted a demonstration video which you can view complete with Chinese pre-roll commercial here:

There is speculation that this product is far enough along that Onyx could beat Amazon to the punch and get a lighted screen Onyx Boox i62HD out sooner. Onyx appears to be calling the unit the Onyx-Boox Touch.

I recently purchased an Onyx Boox i62HD and just received it last week. This HD screen is to e-ink readers what the Apple Retina display is to tablets, absolutely amazing. The firmware/software is similar if not identical to the Onyx Boox M92. I’m impressed with how you can easily read small type (and I have old eyes!) I’ll post more comments/observations once I’ve had a chance to work with it some more.


6 Responses to “Onyx Boox i62HD to Get Lighted Screen”

  1. @Jim, could you post a link to the website where you purchased your Onyx i62 HD? Thanks for this interesting article.

  2. @Andrew, the only place where you can currently order this e-reader is at http://www.ereader-store.de. And the price is 162.38 euros. Since you’re taking delivery outside of the EU this price is without VAT. At current exchange rate this is approximately $200.00 and then there’s shipping which is another 23 euros or about $28.50. And from time to time the website will run a free shipping promotion. They maintain a thread over in the MobileRead forum (Forgive me Nathan for mentioning the competition).

    Even at this price this e-reader does have a value proposition and Nathan just scratched the surface with his review of the Icarus Excel/Onyx Boox M92. I’m trying to set aside some time to write an article with more drill down on the firmware, it’s absolutely the best that I’ve seen.

  3. I wonder why the demonstration of this product shows only ebooks in Polish…

    I’m owner of Nook GL and I’m amazed with how much glowlight exchances usage of ebook readers. With higher resolution and android this reader might be best choice for comic reading, hmm.

  4. Areinu, don’t worry about the language support, it’s excellent. I’m trying to collect several foreign language .pdf e-books. The Onyx e-readers pick up the meta data for title and author in the .pdf e-book and display it in the file explorer in correct native form. You can have mixed languages in a single directory within the file explorer.

    In the current version of the firmware there is a beta version of a new .pdf reader which I understand has good comic support including for .cbr formats.

  5. Seems neat but heavy! At 250 grams it’s almost 50% heavier then the PRS-T1.
    But looking forward to a lighted one.

  6. Onyx Boox i62 HD is now “back ordered” and unavailable on ereader-store.de. Looks like I will be waiting…(tap, tap, tap). If Amazon or B&N doesn’t come out with anything soon, I will be going overseas for my HD reader experience.