Tip: Sony Reader PRS-T1 Covers Fit the New PRS-T2

Sony Reader PRS-T2 Cover

This is a quick note to mention the fact that covers and cases for the Sony Reader PRS-T1 do indeed fit Sony’s new reader, the PRS-T2. In fact the two ereaders are pretty much the exact same shape and size.

Even the official Sony covers for the PRS-T1, including the one with a built-in reading light, are compatible with the PRS-T2. That was one of the first things I tested because I didn’t want to have to buy a new cover too.

The only difference is there’s a slight indentation on the front flap for the buttons that doesn’t line up on the PRS-T2. You can see in the pictures for the T2 covers there’s a second indentation, so it looks like Sony just took the leftover covers for the T1 and added a second slot for the buttons since they are placed higher up on the T2.

The thing with the indentations is they make no difference anyway. When the screen is off, pressing the buttons doesn’t do anything so it really doesn’t matter if you accidentally press them.

I bring this fact up because right now covers for the PRS-T1 are cheaper than covers for the PRS-T2. Sony sells the regular cover for $35 and the lighted cover for $50. Meanwhile TI covers are about $12-$15 cheaper or more on Amazon and other websites. It’s worth saving a few bucks.

My review of the PRS-T2 is still a work in progress but I should have it posted within a week or so.

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