Review: Sony Reader PRS-T2 – The T1 Reborn

Sony Reader PRS-T2

Here’s the link to my Sony Reader PRS-T2 Review. It’s a couple of weeks late but that just gave me some extra time to test it out.

The review includes a 15 minute video walkthrough, some pictures that turned out with a hint of light blue, and some outsourcing to some earlier PRS-T1 reviews since the T2 is practically its identical twin.

Feel free to ask any questions or add your own thoughts about the PRS-T2 below.

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7 Responses to “Review: Sony Reader PRS-T2 – The T1 Reborn”

  1. How is the stiffness compared to the T1?
    The T1 is a tad on the flexy side, especially commpared to other 2011 readers like the Kindle Touch and Nook STR. Is the T2 any better there?

  2. HAHAHA! I love this post title! It really is like Sony released a bad, B-actor movie sequel of the PRS-T1. Two thumbs down Sony. It is an insult to consumers to offer this as an upgrade.

    Another great review, Nathan. It’s also interesting that the font is actually less bold than the PRS-T1. Unbelievable.

  3. Great review. Sony has releasted a new firmware update to fix the facebook login errors:

    What Does This Do?

    This utility updates the PRS-T2 firmware to version and provides the following benefits:

    Improvements over system software version
    ■Improves login errors to the Facebook® online service

    Improvements provided by previous software versions and included in version
    ■Improves the display of highlighted words and thumbnails when posting to the Facebook online service
    ■Improves stability and performance


  4. All pros and cons considered, I would prefer a T2 over a T1. Landscape mode, USB host, and an Android system with the potential of running some useful apps, those are advantages over the old Kindles and Kobos.

  5. Facts are:

    – Sony T2 is selling, and Sony T1 is no more. T1 may be better, worse or equal than T2, but people considering buy a new Sony ereader must buy T2.

    – Sony T2 has not been rooted as today. So Android apps. have no advantage or considerations.

    – Seems no one wants or know how to root T2, even for student, hobby, community or help other users and countries where really there is need for alternate reading rooms. Previous russian “specialists” about that, don’t even consider to buy or share the rooting (?), if possible, and done.

    So, if you want Android reading, you must look elsewhere, only actually to Nook Touch, or wait for another (probably B&N against Amazon) to release new readers, wait for their rooting, or very happyly and surprising, some new and open EInk-based reader or tablet.

    Best regards.