Kindle Paperwhite User Guide and New Video Surface

Kindle Paperwhite Fonts

The Kindle Paperwhite is going to start shipping this upcoming week, and a bunch of reviews from major tech websites will likely start flooding the net all at once on Monday.

Until then all we’ve got to sate our curiosity is a couple of new items that have surfaced this week. First, Amazon has posted the user guide for the Kindle Paperwhite online. Here’s the link to the PDF file.

There’s not a ton of details, and surprisingly few images, but a couple of interesting tidbits jump out.

#1. The Kindle Paperwhite is the first and only Kindle that monitors your reading progress and gives estimates on the amount of time it will take to complete a chapter or the rest of the book based on your average reading speed.

#2. With several references to something called “Cover View” in the manual, it looks like Amazon has finally added the option to view your ebook collection by book covers on the homescreen instead of just a simple list like all the previous E Ink Kindles.

#3. Comics and Manga books have a new feature called Kindle Panel View that essentially zooms in on individual panels as you go to make reading the text easier (this is new for E Ink but is typical for phones and tablets, including the Kindle Fire).

Amazon also posted a new video of the Kindle Paperwhite today. The video is kind of . . . odd. With a title that reads, “A Look at the Technology Inside”, you’d expect a little more technical info and a little less commercialism.

Nevertheless, a few interesting details are revealed by the Amazon employees that developed the Kindle Paperwhite. Take a look…

Kindle Paperwhite — A Look at the Technology Inside

8 Responses to “Kindle Paperwhite User Guide and New Video Surface”

  1. I am most excited about the time estimate feature. I always want to know how long it will take me to finish a section or chapter. I flip through page after page trying to find the next chapter, and I always end up losing my spot.

    • Me too. The time estimate feature sounds cool. And one thing I always liked about the Kindles is the ability to skip from chapter to chapter easily and then back to where you left off with the back button.

  2. Why does this video remind me of Apple, minus the flair. Keep working on it, Amazon.

  3. This looks SO cool! Hardest thing for me will be deciding whether to jump into the Amazon ecosystem after using Nook for a couple of years. Sigh.

  4. Hi Nathan, and sorry for my english.
    As a fellow reader Ii follow everyday your very nteresting blog.
    I would like to know, when possible, the light system between Paperwhute and Kobo Glo (ie: more uniform and so on).

    Let me speculate about Amazon marketing: atm the Paperwhite is not sold in Europe (some rumors gives as ETA first quarter 2013…), since the Kobo Glo will be available in a lot of euro store in a couple of days (1st october) my opinion is Amazon is risking a lot of market outside US, and that for the first time (competitor was under Kindle level until now, or at least overpriced, see Sony).
    just IMHO