Review: Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle Paperwhite

Here’s the link to my Kindle Paperwhite review. Sorry it it took so long to post but I wanted to use the Kindle Paperwhite for a few solid weeks before doing the review to get a better feel of the new frontlight and HD screen.

Please note that this review doesn’t include anything about PDFs. I’ll post a separate review for PDFs on the Paperwhite. But if you are impatient you can check out the Kindle Touch PDF review because it’s basically the same.

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  1. Very nice objective review, Nathan. As for the translation feature, it is very literal without regard for proper grammar in the chosen language. Works best for single words or short sentences.
    If the reading timer is inaccurate, it can be reset this way:

    You can reset the timer by tapping the search icon when in a book, then searching for:


    Note that it’s case sensitive, with that semicolon in front. Then when you go back to your book you’ll see that the time to read is being recalculated.

    I did not come up with this but it works. Thought I’ll pass it along.

  2. What about landscape mode and virtual keyboard?

  3. I thought this was one of the better reviews I have seen on an e-reader. I thought the review was balanced and pointed out both the good and bad. Something most reviewers have left out or ignored in the early reviews I read was quality control. I bought a Paperwhite and returned it the next day due to issues with the screen. I realize that my issue wasn’t typical but neither was it highly unusual as the 3.5 star rating at Amazon with attest.

    My feeling was a good reader if you get a good screen but there have been definite quality control issues that people need to be made aware of. So, again good review, good job of reporting both the pluses and minuses.

  4. Nathan, when you do the .pdf review, try displaying a full page .pdf on both the paperwhite and the older touch take a side by side picture. I’m curious as to what the comparison is.

  5. I’ll just wait for a review of the Kobo Glo.

  6. I am only getting only a week per charge. I use an AC adapter. I do not see how to turn off wi-fi to get more battery life. Any help?