eBook Reader Comparison Tables Updated

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I haven’t been doing many blog posts this past week but I’ve been working on other things. For one, I just finished updating the eBook Reader Comparisons Table to include this year’s latest and greatest ebook readers as well the best 7″ tablets for ereading.

I also updated the Kindle comparison table to include all the new models. There’s still a table with all the older models too for reference.

I decided to change some of the fields because it no longer makes sense to list info about notes, highlights, and a dictionary when virtually all ereaders have that now. So I changed those to screen specs and weight, and CPU in some instances.

I didn’t update all the comparison pages, however, because some have become antiquated. The 5-inch comparison table and large ereader comparison tables are going the way of the dinosaur because there are hardly any being released anymore with tablets taking over, and there are way too many tablets to even attempt to list.

Moving forward I’m mostly going to focus on keeping the main comparison table and Kindle comparison table updated. I’ll continue to add new models to the full 6-inch table for reference and history purposes, but I’m not going to worry about updating all the fields and the info for the older models.

8 Responses to “eBook Reader Comparison Tables Updated”

  1. Nice reference page, but I have a suggestion that might help some folks. I have a 1st gen. Kindle Fire & I can hold it comfortably in one hand when reading in portrait mode, but was surprised to find that the HD is somewhat wider and not a good fit. Perhaps other folks would find the same difficulty so the dimensions would be useful info…Dave

  2. Ipad mini has bluetooth as well

    • Thanks. I forgot that I included that in audio since there wasn’t anywhere else good to stick it. I guess I should have put it under wireless but too late now.

  3. The iPad Mini has two speakers (stereo). It has been confirmed by Phil Schiller.
    Good comparison charts. Thank you.

  4. Hi Nate, sorry to say this, but the $159 Kindle Fire 2 has only 8GB, not 16GB as your chart shows.

    • No need to apologize. Thanks for pointing that out. I had it backwards in my head; they doubled the RAM not the storage.

      Anyone know how many points of capacitive touch the iPad Mini has? None of the ads reviews thus far mention it.

  5. The link under the Kobo Glo links to the Kindle Paperwhite reviews (maybe on purpose since the Glo is not out in the US).

    Great table though!