Kobo Glo Review

Kobo Glo

Well, it’s finally finished. Here’s the link to my Kobo Glo review.

The Kobo Glo has been out for over 2 and a half months now so I guess this review falls into the better late than never category. When a device has been out that long it is really hard to get motivated to write a review because there’s already a bunch of reviews out there. Combine that with the fact it felt like I already reviewed it (the Kobo Mini is 90% the same), it all seems kind of redundant.

Nevertheless, the review is finally finished. Now I can move onto comparing the Kobo Glo with the Kindle Paperwhite. Hopefully I’ll be able to get that posted by the end of this week. I’ve already got a video comparison posted on The eBook Reader YouTube channel. Stay tuned for more.

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8 Responses to “Kobo Glo Review”

  1. Having owned a Kindle Paperwhite, a Nook Glow and now a Kobo Glo, I enjoy the Kobo Glo the most despite a few shortcomings, mostly the long set up time if you own more than a few books. Sony PRS-T1 and Kobo Glo are my favorite ereaders. Thanks for the review and the comparison video.

  2. I agree with the review.
    Glo is my fav (because I live with epubs).
    The “Big Band” on the bottom its a shame, more if you are visually impaired and you use big fonts (the band cut out at least two lines of text).

  3. Yeah, wasted space seems to be the new Kobo theme. Both the Mini and the Glo have too much space at the bottom of the screen, wasting valuable lines of text.

  4. Hi, the Dropbox website works with the Glo, you can donwload the files, you must use the desktop version of the site, not the mobile version.

  5. Ni Nathan, I’m deciding wich ebook reader to buy, between the PW and the GLO, considering wich one of these two have more confortable settings for CBR/CBZ. Can you answer me if with the GLO you can adjust the image size to width or height? I would really appreciate that! I mean, if you adjust to width, you scroll down the page like in perfect viewer at the android? Hope you can understand my messy question! ^^ Thanks!

    • The Kindle doesn’t support CBR/CBZ so they would have to be converted to something else. The Glo has a zoom dial but no pre-sets so it’s rather wonky to use. Update: I just checked and the Kobo does have fit to width and fit to height pre-sets for comics now.

      • Its amazing then! Right what I’ve been looking for! I live in Brazil and already have a kindle 4th gen (2011 – graphite) but wanting to upgrade, and Livraria Cultura will be releasing the Kobo Glo tomorrow online and at stores! It’s not cheap (nothing in this country is hahaha), but it’s worth it! Thanks Nathan, that’s why I love this website! 😉

        PS: Don’t you want to make a video about it? It lacks of information about this CBZ/CBR feature at any ebook reader that supports it!