Sales and Deals Roundup – 4/17/13

Kobo Mini

Looking around the web today there are some ebooks, ereaders, and tablets on sale. And if you don’t mind buying something refurbished there are some really good deals to be had, like a 32GB Google Nexus 10 for $429 or a Kindle Touch for $69. The Kobo Mini is on sale again too, and there’s yet another new Nook promotion. First, let’s start with ebooks, and then move onto hardware.


Kindle Daily Deals

100 Kindle eBooks for $3.99 or less

155 Nook Books for $2.99 or less (Amazon price matches some of these)

Nook Daily Find

Kobo Discount Codes

Below is a list of some discount codes for ebooks from These codes could expire at any time; I don’t know the expiration date on any of them. Codes found via MobileRead:

Welcome20 (20% off)
anniversary20 (20% off)
save20bday (20% off)
gettingtoknowu23 (30% off)
gettingtoknowu08 (30% off)
Comeback3302_3 (35% off)
Comeback2503_4 (25% off)
Comeback3102_3 (30% off)
VoucherCode30 (30% off)
thanks3702_3 (35% off)


The Nook HD+ 16GB or 32GB comes with a $70 Gift Card at Walmart.

$429 Google Nexus 10 32GB (refurbished) via eBay.

$443 Google Nexus 10 16GB at Amazon.

$399 Asus Transformer Pad Infinity TF700T at Office Depot.

$259 Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime (refurbished) at Newegg.

$149 Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (refurbished) at Walmart.

$169 Kindle Fire HD (refurbished) at Amazon.

Amazon recently dropped the price of the 32GB 7″ Kindle Fire HD to $229, which is $20 less than it used to cost.

eBook Readers

The Kobo Mini is on sale for $59 in the U.S. and Canada from retailers such as Best Buy and Chapters.

$104 Kindle Paperwhite (refurbished) at Amazon.

$79 Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight (refurbished) at

$69 Kindle Touch (refurbished) via Best Buy’s Marketplace.

$65 Nook Touch (refurbished) via Best Buy.

$59 Kindle 4 (refurbished) at Amazon.

3 Responses to “Sales and Deals Roundup – 4/17/13”

  1. My opinion here: Beware about buying a refurbished Kindle Paperwhite; there’s a high likelihood they were returned by customers due to what could be considered defective screen-lighting, but then were not refurbished in any way that recognizes/addresses/fixes that as a problem.

    I went through 2 of them and ended up returning both, due to multi-hued blotchiness of the screens in each case (pinks, blues, greys), and finally ended up just ordering a new one (and paying the standard price instead of the discounted refurb price).

    Those screens look fine if you’re not using the lighting, or perhaps not too bad if you’re not using the light in a fairly dark room, as I do before going to sleep at night.

    The brand new unit is more acceptable, much more consistent lighting, without that tie-dyed look. (Though if I’d held off a few days, I would have found out about the new Kobo Aura, and my decision would have been instantaneous!)

  2. I tried that last Kobo coupon code listed, and it worked like a charm! (35% off. I didn’t try any of the others.)
    Thanks for listing those codes!!

    • Wow, the first Comeback code (35%) worked, too! That’s 2 out of 2 codes I’ve tried that have worked. Note that they only work on titles that have a Promo Code option during checkout. Two out of three ebooks I wanted did have that option.