Archos Titanium HD – Dead After Just 34 Days

Archos Titanium HD

Last month I posted a review of the Archos Titanium HD, a cheap Android tablet with a high resolution IPS screen like the Apple iPad.

In the review I was on the fence with regard to recommending the Archos Titanium HD. On one hand I really like the IPS HD screen. It’s super clear and bright and is great for ereading because of the high pixel density (264 dpi). On the other hand the device has below average Wi-Fi range and it can be slow to respond at times.

Now just 34 days after receiving the Archos Titanium HD, the fence has been torn down and obliterated because the device has come to the point where it will no longer boot up at all. Turning it on results in a endless boot screen that shows the Archos logo and the words “Entertainment your way”.

Well, that’s certainly not my idea of entertainment. Trying all manner of button combinations, hitting the reset button, holding the power down button—nothing fixes it.

From my past experiences, it is very difficult to break an Android tablet to the point where there’s nothing you can do to get it to boot up (in fact of all the tablets I’ve ever reviewed this is the first time this has happened). Usually there’s a recovery mode option or auto restore with a set number of failed boot attempts, but none of that works on the Archos tablet.

I was able to get the recovery icon to pop up by plugging the tablet into the wall charger and holding the volume down button, but there’s just a red triangle that never does anything except eventually reboot back to the stuck Archos logo.

Unfortunately for me, the return window at J& where I bought it is 30 days. Since it is just beyond that window I’m going to have to file a warranty claim with Archos instead. Fun.

Needless to say, I can no longer recommend buying this tablet based on my experience with it. Sometimes you’re better off just spending more money and getting something with a proven track record rather than trying to save a few bucks on something that isn’t going to last very long.

Update: One of my regular readers (and proofreader) suggested that I contact J&R to see if they could make an exception since the product failed just beyond the return window. Much to my surprise, the nice folks at J& stepped up to the plate and sent a return authorization form and pre-paid UPS label to send the defective unit back for a replacement. They didn’t have to do that, but they did anyway. That’s what I call good customer service!

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  1. Oh man. That’s a high quality product right there. As much as I like the idea of cheap Android tablets, I haven’t bought one since my Idolian experience. Quality just isn’t there yet. Hopefully the warranty claim will come through.

  2. I can’t speak about the Archos Android tablets, but I have two of their media players and they work great and are still working. I’ve never had warranty problems with them.

    Nathan, I’d be interested in hearing what happens after you get warranty support from Archos and whether the tablet comes back remediated.

    • I’ll keep this post updated with the progress. I never did get a response from Archos asking about the wifi issues. Hopefully this goes smoother…

  3. Nathan, I have another suggestion for you. The European folks that distribute Onyx have an Onyx tablet with specs shown at

    What’s interesting is the specs look similar if not better than the Archos tablet and it looks like it would cost about $291.00 delivered. It has the Retina display, 32GB of storage, MicroSD card slot, Wifi, etc. You might want to check this out as well.

  4. Nathan,
    I was sorry to hear about your Archos experience…I hope you hear from the support people on this issue.
    Thanks for your constant attention to things digital!

  5. I know how you feel. I had a 100 euro Odys Neo X7 tablet that had to be returned because it would not connect to WiFi anymore in the second month. It could only detect WiFi briefly after a reboot. All other WiFi devices connected and kept connection flawlessly. The service dept. was very polite, and resent it with t h e newest firmware. To no avail ofcourse. Chucked it in the bin and bought the Kindle Fire HD instead to compliment the K.Paperwhite.

  6. >>>Sometimes you’re better off just spending more money and getting something with a proven track record

    You mean a GOOD proven track record. Because that Archos dying like that IS their track record.

    I was hoping for better, but I could see the 97 T HD was trouble to begin with.

    It will be interesting to see if dealing with Archos support is still as painful as others have said. Good luck.

  7. That’s a surprising development from J&R.

    Now that the Nook HD+ has Google Play, which tablet would you recommend? The Nook HD+ or the Archos 80 T?

    • Do you mean the Titanium HD? That’s tough to say. I want to say the Nook HD+ because I’ve had better luck with the hardware (the Nook Color I gave to my mom with CM10 is still running strong) but I guess it depends on what size screen you like better and if you need cameras. I’m hesitant to recommend the Archos tablet after the experience I’ve had with it, but if the replacement is in good working order then it might change my tune. The Nook has Bluetooth and longer battery life, but it’s still using B&N’s software so it’s not the same kind of feel as a typical open Android tablet like the Archos. Maybe if it can install alternate launchers; I don’t know I still can’t get the update to install.

      • It sounds to me like a post you should eventually do, comparing the two.

        Personally, I’ve already known the Archos 80 T was junk and advised people early to avoid it. The Archos 80 Platinum is from Onda, a different manufacturer, and might not suffer from Chinese Tablet Sudden Death Syndrome. Yours is not the first Chinese tablet I’ve heard of dying within the first six weeks of buying it. Note that some tablets seem to escape that problem altogether, even from the same manufacturer, which makes it an even weirder gamble to take.

  8. Happy to hear of your positive customer service experience with J&R.

  9. I got my son the Arches gamepad for Christmas. He was playing on it before dinner this evening & it was fine. As he went to go to bed we noticed the `Archos-entertainment your way’ logo was stuck. I have tried everything, reboots, restores. I briefly had the laying android with red triangle but that disappeared never to return.
    I work for an IT distributor which is where i purchased the tablet. Unfortunately, I bought it some time before Christmas so I am out of time to return to them so I have to go directly to Archos.
    From reading these posts I am guessing Archos is not to be recommended? I thought the gamepad would be really appealing to my son as he is 11 and really into his games & technology.
    Does anyone know how long this will take to resolve with archos? Am I likely to see a refund?