Pre-Orders for the Kindle Paperwhite 2 Now Available


So I just got done posting the article about how the details have leaked about the 2nd generation Kindle Paperwhite.

At the time I was writing the article, the description page for the Kindle Paperwhite 2 at Amazon wasn’t working, presumably because they discovered the leak and took it down. But then I was thinking about adding the link to the article in case Amazon used the same page url later on, and now suddenly it is working again.

In fact I just placed a pre-order for the WiFi Kindle Paperwhite 2 with special offers. I even got a confirmation email.

Amazon hasn’t officially announced anything yet, but it appears that pre-orders for the Kindle Paperwhite 2 are underway.

Update: Amazon has now officially announced the All-New Kindle Paperwhite—The 6th Generation of Kindle.

I’m not sure what’s going on exactly because from Amazon’s homepage the Kindle links direct to pages where the new Paperwhite is not available and it doesn’t even appear in the family stripe banner at the top of the page. But if I go to the new Kindle Paperwhite page directly it shows both the WiFi and 3G model.

Amazon has increased the price of the 3G Paperwhite, which is kind of strange. It used to cost $179 but now it’s listed at $189. It’s not showing available for pre-order yet, though. It just has a thing to sign up for email notifications when it becomes available.

Check out the previous article Kindle Paperwhite 2 Details Revealed for more information and a list of specs and new features.

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  1. I am curious about this Kindle Match book feature, though I have a feeling it’s only good for print books you purchased through Amazon, and they probably don’t include books you purchased through the Amazon Marketplace because you can potentially get a book for a penny. Payback for buying so many new print books through Barnes and Noble’s website because they ship from a local warehouse, not seven states away.

    • Only through Amazon.
      Your purchase history is the only way they can verify you really bought the qualifying pbook.
      Of course, the publishers have to sign up–on a book by book basis–and it is debatable whether the BPHs will see the value of the deal. (Translation: don’t expect discounted ebooks of bestsellers)

      On the other hand, I hear a lot of indie publishers with pbook editions are signing up, some even pricing the ebook as free.

  2. I was looking forward to the release of a “Kindle DX Paperwhite” or a Kindle with a larger screen, which would rival the Kobo Aura HD. But unfortunately the Amazon thwarted my expectations. = /

    • I hadn’t thought about it until now because this has been such an odd release, but yeah you’re right. They should have gone outside the box a little bit and done something new. I guess this is the only new E Ink Kindle we’re getting this year :(.

      • Very few changes Kinde PW for Kindle PW2. Will it sell much? I see no reason to change my Kindle PW. I do not think it’s worth it for those who already have one. This situation can be comparable to the failure of the Iphone 5 that differed little from the 4S.

        Amazon should have dared more, as well as the Kobo. It should open the eyes for those who like bigger screen. If Amazon does not release a different model, will be a big mistake.

        • I was just thinking the same thing. I really don’t see much reason at all for current Paperwhite owners to upgrade to the new model. Not unless the new screen tech and frontlight turn out to be considerable improvements. I wouldn’t be surprised if most of the software updates get added to existing Paperwhites in a future firmware update. Earlier in the year Amazon updated the Kindle Touch to have most of the same software features as the Kindle Paperwhite.

  3. Amazon says the screen uses exclusive Carta e-paper technology. Sounds exciting…wish they would explain what the difference between Pearl and Carta is.

    • The press release has this

      “New display technology with higher contrast—Kindle Paperwhite’s display is the most advanced e-reader display ever constructed. Higher contrast and better reflectivity means whites are whiter and blacks are blacker,….. You won’t find this level of contrast with any other e-reader display. ”

      So presumably that is primarily what Carta brings to the product. If the lighting system is improved and/or enhances/enables this is the change. If the light never goes off then part of this could be just the lighting and not so much a change in the e-ink subcomponent of the display.

    • That is so freaking weird. Initially it was called Opal technology when the page first appeared. I even started writing an article about it for tomorrow, but now I guess I’m going to have to re-edit everything. Sure glad I didn’t already post it calling it Opal.

  4. This is totally crazy. No press event, no live bloggers, no hype from Bezos. I don’t understand. Will the ‘letter to customers’ on the homepage really be how they are bringing out this device??? Well, I pre-ordered regardless, but…

    • Yeah, it’s really weird. But I guess if this is the only E Ink Kindle they plan to release this year, a press event would have been pretty boring given the minimal upgrades (although the screen could end up being considerably better). This is a really good indication to me that the new Kindle Fires won’t be ready until around November or so. Now I bet those will get their own special “introduction ceremony”.

      • Yeah, that makes sense. The device even looks identical to the KP 1st gen. Nothing flashy to reveal really. I am a little disappointed they didn’t upgrade the design. The new Kobo Aura looks pretty darn cool with its flush screen/bezel. But, Kindle software and Amazon tie-ins are too appealing for me at the moment.

    • > This is totally crazy. No press event,

      Not really. Most likely the larger dog and pony show will be reserved for whatever they do with the Kindle Fire (and anything else they add to that )

      The growth/hype engine is far more effective spent on that. B&N is sputtering on ereader (nothing for over year at this point). Kobo is OK but just not a huge threat in the major ereader Kindle Markets. Hype to suppress competitors’ sales to who? Kobo has a new product but they aren’t shipping either.

      In contrast, the Nexus 7″ is shipping now. Samsung/LG/etc are announcing more Android tablets this month. Apple has new iPad/iPad mini coming in a month or so. That is far more critical. When Amazon does their dog and pony show it needs to be very focus and shorter than last year.

      The word will get out. As long as Amazon puts evaluation units in the hands of some bloggers with mega followings 2 weeks before ship they can still generate pre-orders in before shipping actually starts at the end of the month. It would be quite different if they were going to try to sell them in next two weeks or so.

  5. An Engadget article pegs the 3G release date significantly later

    “… Users keen on the $189 3G version will have a bit longer to wait as that device is slated for a November 5th release. …”

    That would be over a month after the Wifi versions start ( 30th this month) so that’s why no pre order. They will probably gage demand with the initial wave of Wifi orders (in US and later International) and use that see if when can do 3G. If demand is too high the 3G may have to slide.

    Some countries still have last generation versions up on their online stores.( Mexico, Germany, japan ). UK is in pre-order state with new ones.

  6. HA! Power adapter not included! $14.99 was $19.99

  7. I’m very interested to see how the new Kindle Paperwhite and the new Kobo Aura will compare to one another when both are finally released.

    Now to wait and see what Nook has up it’s sleeve…

    • Ah man. I almost forgot about the possibility of a new Nook. I hope B&N has something good up their sleeve.

      • Yeah lol, It’s kind of gone under the radar but I strongly believe they’re going to release an updated Nook e-reader. The current Nook tablets still aren’t too antiquated compared to the Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight.

        All in all, it’s going to be a pretty exciting (depending on who you are) season for e-reading/e-readers.

  8. Folks, perhaps you’ve already seen this, but this web page has some more info as well as screen shots demonstrating a few of the features, such as the ability to flip back and forth (e.g. text to a map) and the ability to see footnotes without losing one’s place.

  9. I am most excited about the brand new next-gen E Ink Carta displays that will be in the new PW. They, once again, are talking “50% improved contrast”! This is very exciting and brings me back to the jump in display quality between the Kindle 2 and 3. Also, E Ink claims 20% less reflectance, so I’m betting these displays will be pretty freaking good, especially with Amazon’s certainly-to-be-improved front light tech. I’m hope there will be no more blotchyness or weird color/hue issues with the front light on. I am looking forward to a crisp, white, perfectly balanced PW display with ultra-sharp, ultra-vivid fonts. Here’s hoping.

  10. From a few (seems very few) pieces written by folks who had the new paperwhite in their hands, it seems the lighting issues have been solved. Overall, they’ve reported the page turning is more responsive, the ‘scrubbing’ seems to work well, and being able to look at another page without losing your place is great.

  11. The website Pocket-Lint has the first comparison pictures I’ve seen of the old and new Paperwhite.

  12. Amazon has uploaded a promo video to YouTube:

    I’m really excited about these new features. The vocab builder is going to be great.