Lots of Kindles on Sale


Amazon is running a promotion today only thanks to the FAA changing their policy to allow ereaders to be used throughout take-off and landing when flying. Amazon is cutting 15% off of the basic Kindle, the new Kindle Fire HD, and 7″ Kindle Fire HDX.

Amazon is also running a separate sale for the Kindle DX and 8.9″ Kindle Fire HD again, so if you missed out on the sale last month now’s the time. The Kindle DX isn’t priced quite as low as last time ($189), but at $199 it’s still a heck of a lot cheaper than it used to be (when it was first released in 2010 it sold for $379, if you can believe that).

Keep in mind that the Kindle DX has a 9.7″ E Ink Pearl screen and 3G cellular, but no WiFi. Amazon keeps selling the Kindle DX for reasons unknown. The software is outdated and so is much of the hardware. You’d think that at some point Amazon would release an updated model if they keep insisting on selling it.

Here’s how the deals break down; make sure to enter ThnksFAA in the promo code box during checkout to get the sale price:

$59 Basic Kindle – regularly $69

$118 Kindle Fire HD (2013 model) – regularly $139

$195 Kindle Fire HDX – regularly $229

Those sale prices are for today only, November 4th. The following sales are currently ongoing and could expire at anytime:

$199 Kindle DX – regularly $239

$229 8.9″ Kindle Fire HD – regularly $269

Here’s a list of refurbished Kindles that are available at Amazon. Refurbished units are another good way to save money and they come with the same 1 year warranty as new Kindles.

$199 8.9″ Kindle Fire HD

$129 7″ Kindle Fire HD

$99 Kindle Fire 2

$89 Kindle Fire 1

$79 Kindle Touch

$59 Basic Kindle

It’s not “on sale” but if you are looking for an old school Kindle Keyboard Amazon has recently started selling them again for $139. And that’s the 3G model, which is the last Kindle to have the unique benefit of free internet access over 3G (the newer Kindles require Wi-Fi to use the web browser).

6 Responses to “Lots of Kindles on Sale”

  1. this might be too hard to resist!

  2. Thank you for the news. My mom got a early Christmas present today.

  3. I just ordered two Kobo Mini’s from http://www.qvc.com for $50 ea. for X-Mas gifting purposes.

    They don’t have expandable storage but for $50 ea. this is an awesome price.

    I might even buy another one for myself — as a backup reader (primary reader needs to have expandable storage).

  4. Well it might not be a bad idea to buy a Kindle DX.

    Yes it is true that the software/firmware is old, but you can install the new 3.x Kindle firmware on it.
    Here is starter link for that:

    However you can not do with the DX what you can do with “Icarus Excel”/”Onyx M92” which is writing on it with a stylus.

    Man I sure would like to buy a PDF reader, but the three options out there they all have their Pros/Cons.
    – Kinde DX Pro: Cheap; Cons: No note taking with stylus.
    – “Icarus Excel”/”Onyx M92” Pro: Excellent, Fast, Usable Firmware; Cons: Price. However the two are not the quite the same. (http://versus.com/en/onyx-boox-m92-vs-icarus-excel)
    – Jetbook Color 2 Pro: Color eInk, Good resolution, Cons: The firmware might be slow with PDFs, however I do not know what are the capabilities of the latest firmware.