Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals for eReaders and Tablets 2013


There are a lot of really good deals to be had on tablets and ebook readers this Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend. Well, maybe not so much for dedicated ebook readers, although some older Nooks can be had for really cheap, but there are tons of tablets on sale.

In fact there are so many sales that it’s pretty overwhelming, so I’m just going post a list of some of the best deals for this Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend.

Feel free to post more deals in the comments section. I’ll update this post if some other good deals come up this weekend.

eBook Readers

$169 Kindle DX – Amazon has placed the Kindle DX on sale once again, and this time it’s $20 less than ever before. You can also get the leather cover for just $10 more. It’s hard to believe this ereader originally sold for $379 when it was first released back in 2010.

$49 Nook Touch with GlowLight – Best Buy has the Nook Glow for cheap, but it’s last year’s model, not the new one.

$39 Nook Touch – Barnes and noble is selling their original Nook Touch ebook reader for super cheap both in stores and online through December 2nd.

$49 Basic Kindle – Best Buy is selling the basic Kindle for $20 off the regular price, and they are even selling it online.

$79 Kindle Touch – If you want a Kindle with audio support and a touchscreen, this is the model to get. It’s refurbished at this price.


$99 Kindle Fire HD – Best Buy has last year’s 7″ Kindle Fire HD for a really good price. Unlike the newer version, this one has an HDMI port.

$449 iPad Air – Best Buy has the iPad Air on sale for $50-$70 off this weekend.

$299 iPad 2 – Best Buy is selling the iPad 2 online for $100 off this Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend.

$109 Nook HD+ – Refurbished unit via eBay. This is the 32GB model.

$99 Kobo Arc – The Kobo Arc tablet is on sale from November 29th – December 1st online at for $99 – $149 in various storage capacities.

$229 Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ – Amazon is still selling last year’s 8.9″ Kindle Fire HD for $229, which is $40 off the regular price. Personally I would buy this over the new 8.9″ Fire HDX for $379 any day.

$149 Nexus 7 – Groupon has last year’s Nexus 7 on sale for the next week or until they sellout. It’s not a great deal for an older tablet but it is the 32GB model at least.

$199 32GB Microsoft Surface RT Tablet – Best Buy has this model marked down $150 for Black Friday weekend.

$169 32GB Microsoft Surface RT Tablet – Refurbished unit via eBay, P3T-00003.

$79 Nook HD – B&N had the 7″ Nook HD tablet on sale for just $79, which is a killer deal, but they are sold out online and have to be purchased in stores.

The new iPad Mini and iPad Air are on sale at a lot of retailers but most are in-store only deals. Target is giving away $75-$100 gift cards with a purchase. MicroCenter has all the new models for $40 off retail in-store. Staples has a bunch of deals on iPads too, but most seem to be sold out online already and have to be found at retail stores.

Other Deals

30% off Books at Amazon – There’s a deal at Amazon where you can get 30% off any paper book that is sold and shipped by Amazon with code BOOKDEAL.

100 Bestsellers Up to 75% Off at Google Play – A list of ebooks on sale at Google.

Coupon for Select Kindle Books for $0.99 – A sale on select Kindle ebooks through Amazon local deals.

30% off any Item at B&N – Use BFRIDAY30 at checkout to receive 30% off any non-Nook item at Barnes and Noble.

13 Responses to “Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals for eReaders and Tablets 2013”

    • That’s a good buy, IMO, and a surprisingly good tablet. I still have mine that I reviewed back in June. Still running strong without any issues. It will be interesting to see what Hisense comes out with next. Their first two tablets were much better than expected for the price.

      Also, their cheaper model is only $69 refurbished:

      But I think the Pro model is worth the extra cash for the upgraded screen and processor alone.

      • I had the Hisense Pro for about a week then they lowered the price to $129. I returned mine (thanks Walmart) with the intention to by a new one at that price.

        I liked the tablet a lot but decided to wait to see what was released in the Fall.

        I hope Hisense brings out an 8″ similar to the Sero 7 Pro but with and HD display and a better battery, with all the other features still intact. It wouldn’t hurt if it was lighter too.

        I still think the best aspect ratio is 3:2 (like the Nook HD+). Wonder why others aren’t using it. I’ve considered many times to get that tablet just for its display but the lack of other features keeps preventing me.

        I made a picture showing the different aspect ratios. I can mail it to you if you want to use it.

        • I agree. The 3:2 aspect ratio of the HD+ is really underated. There’s just enough width in portrait mode. 16:10 is too narrow for portrait and 3:4 is too wide for landscape. 3:2 is the best of both worlds, IMO.

    • An even better deal has come up for the Sero 7 Pro, $85 on eBay via Newegg.

  1. There is a really good deal on Micro SD cards from SanDisk at The sale ends on the 30th. If you need a cheap micro sd card for your ereader or tablet, grap it now while they last.

    8GB Reg $24.99, Sale $5.79
    16GB Reg $44.99, Sale $8.79
    32GB Reg $64.99 , Sale $16.79

  2. Kobo has a deal for 50% off all ebooks with the promo code blackfridayfifty.

  3. 50 dollars off on Kindle Fire HDX! This little tablet got pretty high reviews and is great if you like the Amazon books, audio books, music, and video selection 😉

  4. I have just ordered the Google Nexus 7 FHD from Amazon. This will be my 7th tablet and hopefully the 3rd I kept. My other two are the Pocket Edge 7″ and the Archos 80 G9 8″, both run early versions of Android.

  5. May I ask, why 7 tablets? And you say you kept only 3?

    Would you (or anyone else!) explain to me about SD cards? I had a Cruz e-reader that just stopped working. But since I’m looking to find out my best bet in a new e-reader, I want to understand well,everything that I didn’t know before.