Daily Deals, Freebies & Tips – January 20th

Interesting Reads and Forum Posts

Android on Kobo: “Tips and Apps” – A forum post that organizes all the info about running Android on a Kobo Glo, Touch, and Aura HD.

How to Sync iBooks Across Multiple Apple Devices – A step-by-step guide on how to get all your iBooks to sync across devices and apps.

Ten Things You May Not Know About Ebook Prices – Some interesting facts about ebook prices in the US and UK.

Extra Kindle Deals

Free Coupon for Select Kindle Books for $0.99 Each – Amazon Local Deal – Expires Jan 24th

The Big Deal: Kindle Books Up to 85% Off – Now through February 2nd

Kindle Countdown Deals – Limited-time discounts on Kindle-exclusive ebooks

Kindle Daily Deals

Amazon’s main Daily Deal is a collection of four books in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. day.

Teen Daily Deal

Walden on Wheels by Ken Ilgunas

In this frank and witty memoir, Ken Ilgunas lays bare the existential terror of graduating from the University of Buffalo with $32,000 of student debt. Ilgunas set himself an ambitious mission: get out of debt as quickly as possible. Inspired by the frugality and philosophy of Henry David Thoreau, Ilgunas undertook a 3-year transcontinental jour¬ney, working in Alaska as a tour guide, garbage picker, and night cook to pay off his student loans before hitchhiking home to New York.

Today’s Price: $1.99
List Price: $12.99

Science Fiction & Fantasy Daily Deal

Zoo City by Lauren Beukes

Zinzi has a Sloth on her back, a dirty online 419 scam habit – and a talent for finding lost things. But when her latest client, a little old lady, turns up dead and the cops confiscate her lastpaycheck, she’s forced to take on her least favourite kind of job: missing persons.

Today’s Price: $1.99
List Price: $6.99

Romance Daily Deal

To Sin with a Viking by Michelle Willingham

Caragh Ó Brannon defended herself bravely when the enemy landed—only, now she finds herself alone with one very angry Viking. Styr Hardrata sailed to Ireland intending to trade, never expecting to find himself held captive in chains by a beautiful Irish maiden. The fiercely handsome warrior both terrifies and allures Caragh, but he is forbidden territory. He is the enemy…and he is married. Yet Styr harbors a secret that just might set them both free.

Today’s Price: $0.99
List Price: $5.99

Kids Daily Deal

Witch Twins by Adele Griffin

Though identical on the outside, ten-year-old twins Claire and Luna Bundkin are as different on the inside as peaches and peanut butter. Claire is mischievous and Luna is a dreamer, but they do share a favorite hobby: witchcraft. Whether it’s making breakfast or washing dishes, there’s nothing a five-star witch can’t accomplish with a wave of her pinkie finger. But there are two strict rules: Don’t tell Mom, and don’t try any spells without Grandy—their magical grandmother—watching.
Today’s Price: $1.99
List Price: $7.99

Kindle Freebies

The Day Before 9/11 by Tucker Elliot – 5 stars, 8 reviews – In Korea, a soldier’s daughter is jetlagged and lost in her new school. In Germany, a military family welcomes the birth of a second child. In the aftermath of 9/11, both families – dads, moms, and kids – will fight the war on terror. A harrowing true story that spans America’s first decade post-9/11, The Day Before 9/11 portrays in riveting detail the sacrifices made by military families serving overseas and the enduring pain that accompanies the tragic loss of life.

Hushabye (A Kate Redman Mystery: Book 1) by Celina Grace – 4.5 stars, 47 reviews – On the first day of her new job in the West Country, Detective Sergeant Kate Redman finds herself investigating the kidnapping of Charlie Fullman, the newborn son of a wealthy entrepreneur and his trophy wife. It seems a straightforward case… but as Kate and her fellow officer Mark Olbeck delve deeper, they uncover murky secrets and multiple motives for the crime.

Kobo Daily Deal

The Baker Street Letters by Michael Robertson

First in a spectacular new series about two brother lawyers who lease offices on London’s Baker Street–and begin receiving mail addressed to Sherlock Holmes. In Los Angeles, a geological surveyor maps out a proposed subway route–and then goes missing. His eight-year-old daughter, in her desperation, turns to the one person she thinks might help–she writes a letter to Sherlock Holmes.

Today’s Price: $2.99
List Price: $9.99

Kobo Discount Codes

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halfdiscount35 (35% off)
fire9 (30% off)

Nook Daily Find

Gospel of Freedom by Jonathan Rieder

Often overlooked, “Letter From Birmingham Jail” is one of the most important writings of the twentieth century. Noted scholar Jonathan Reider closely examines both the historic letter and the man behind it, who was at the forefront of the civil rights movement, Martin Luther King, Jr.

Today’s Price: $1.99
List Price: $16.99

Nook Freebies

Daughter of Twin Oaks by Lauraine Snelling – 4 stars, 43 reviews – Will the Wounded Soldier She Rescues From Certain Death be Able to Break Down the Walls of Bitterness That Surround Her Heart? Seeking to fulfill the promise she made to her dying father, eighteen-year-old Jesselynn Highwood determines to take her little brother and the family’s remaining Thoroughbreds from Twin Oaks plantation in Kentucky to her uncle’s farm in Missouri, where they will be safe for the…

The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe 4 stars, 137 reviews – Edgar Allan Poe’s celebrated narrative poem now available as a Simon & Schuster ebook, including an extended excerpt from Mrs. Poe by Lynn Cullen, a vivid and compelling novel about a poet who becomes entangled in an affair with Edgar Allan Poe—at the same time that she becomes the unwilling confidante of his much-younger wife…


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