Do Not Ask for Free Advertising


For all the regular readers of this website, please feel free to ignore this article. This post is for all the sleazy marketers and annoying people out there who think it’s okay to continually email me asking for free advertising just because their product, book, or app is in some way related to ebooks.

News flash: This website doesn’t exist to plug your product or ebook.

If you’ve ended up on this page it’s probably because you asked for free advertising in one form or another.

Well, sorry. It’s not going to happen.

I can’t keep wasting time responding to every email of people wanting something for nothing. Just because you have an ebook or app or service related to ebooks, doesn’t mean I’m obligated to write an article about it.

If your service or product is worth using, I’ll hear about it naturally and write about it if it is relevant and useful.

If you want to purchase a banner ad or other advertising, feel free to contact me about it. You can also purchase ads through Google Adsense, and use placement ads to put them where you want to.

Don’t ask for free advertising. Don’t ask me to write about your service or book. And especially don’t ask me to plug your paid product that can be had in another form elsewhere for free.

End rant.

P.S. The image above is of a sign I found at Amazon. I absolutely love it. It really nails the mood of this particular post.

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