Daily Deals & Freebies – February 10

Kindle Daily Deals

The Wrong Hostage by Elizabeth Lowell

Orphaned at thirteen, Grace Silva clawed her way out of poverty and violence to become one of the most respected judges on the federal bench. Grace believes in the rule of law — lives it, breathes it. She has always been buttoned up and buttoned down. Except once. Joe Faroe has learned that laws are made by politicians, and politicians are all too human. He believes in the innocents, the ones getting ground up by governments that are too polarized or too corrupt to protect their own citizens.

Today’s Price: $1.99
List Price: $7.99

Romance Daily Deal

A Slight Change of Plan by Dee Ernst

Kate Everett is about to begin her “second act.” She’s been a widow for eight years and thinks it might be time to start looking for someone to share her life with again. She quits her high-pressure job for something that will allow her more leisure time. She gets rid of the huge family home and moves into a fabulous condo that’s smaller and easier to manage. She’s pretty much got the rest of her life figured out. All she has to do is sit back, relax, and let the pieces fall into place.

Today’s Price: $1.99
List Price: $9.99

Science Fiction & Fantasy Daily Deal

X-Men Season One by Dennis Hopeless

Welcome to the X-Men’s first year — hope you survive the experience! Professor Charles Xavier has recruited five of the most powerful mutants he’s ever seen to save a world that hates and fears them. But there’s only one problem: They’re teenagers who have to survive hormones and uncontrollable super-powers, all while fighting for their very lives. So right now’s the perfect time for Magneto and the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants — along with the Sentinels, Unus the Untouchable and more — to make their bids for control of the world, right? The first class of X-Men are forged in the fires of combat in ways you’ve never seen before. You only think you know the story!

Today’s Price: $1.99
List Price: $19.99

Biography & Memoir Daily Deal

Silent Tears by Kay Bratt

Irrepressible memories. Vacant eyes. A child being dangled from a third story window. A boy tied to a chair. Children sleeping in layers of clothing to fight off the bitter cold. An infant dying from starvation. Some things your mind will never allow you to forget. Silent Tears is the true story of the adversity and triumphs one woman faced as she fought against the Chinese bureaucracy to help that country’s orphaned children.

Today’s Price: $1.99
List Price: $9.99

Kids Daily Deal

The Valentine Express by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace

Minna, an appealing rabbit character, comes up with a great Valentine’s Day project which involves enlisting her little brother to do kind things for their neighbors.

Today’s Price: $1.99
List Price: $9.99

Other Kindle Deals

$99 Kindle Paperwhite – Best Buy has the Kindle Paperwhite with special offers on sale for $20 off list price; however, they make it impossible to tell for sure if this is the new Paperwhite or the old model.

$124 Kindle Fire HD – Amazon has decided to include this year’s 7″ Kindle Fire HD in the Valentine’s sale for $15 off the regular price.

$199 Kindle Fire HDX – Amazon is running a limited-time sale the 7″ HDX at $30 off the regular price.

$339 Kindle Fire HDX – Amazon is running a limited-time sale the 8.9″ HDX at $40 off the regular price.

$189 Kindle Fire HD – Last year’s 8.9″ Kindle Fire HD is also on sale. Given the high-res screen and HDMI port, this is arguably the best deal of the bunch.

25 Kindle Kids’ Books for $1 Each – Mysteries, thrillers, romance, and science fiction Kindle books for $2 apiece. Offer valid through February 28, 2014.

Monthly Kindle Book Deals – A list of Kindle books for $3.99 or less for the month of February.

20 Kindle Books for $2 Each – Offer valid through February 28, 2014.

Kindle Countdown Deals – Limited-time discounts on Kindle-exclusive ebooks

Kindle Freebies

The Missings by Peg Brantley – Suspense/Mystery, 4.2 stars, 124 reviews – Detective Chase Waters finds himself working the most interesting case of his career—one that comes closer to home than he could ever imagine. Are the mutilated bodies of young men and women the result of cult… or commerce?

Tangled Roots (Kendra Clayton Mystery #2) by Angela Henry – Suspense/Mystery, 4.4 stars, 10 reviews – For Kendra Clayton life is good—for about five minutes. Then her sweetie, lawyer Carl Brumfield, leaves town to help out his sister in Cleveland. Her soon-to-be-married best friend picks out a hideous bridesmaid’s dress for her to wear (a sequined Smurf-blue nightmare with a bow on the butt). The work she loves as a part-time GED instructor turns into the job from hell when a retired kindergarten teacher with the personality of a piranha becomes her new boss.

Nook Daily Find

The White Cottage Mystery by Margery Allingham

Everyone is a suspect in this whodunit about a man who knew everyone’s secrets and turns up murdered at the old White Cottage. Originally published as a serialized story in the Daily Express in 1927, it’s a classic cozy mystery from Margery Allingham.

Today’s Price: $1.99
List Price: $7.99

Other Nook Deals

Nook GlowLight – B&N is giving away $20 gift cards with the purchase of a Nook GlowLight at the regular price of $119.

Nook Freebies

The Riddle Chest: 50 Original Riddles to Stump Your Brain by Sef Daystrom – Humor, 4 stars, 38 reviews – From the author of “Lunch from a Cannon” comes a poetic riddle book designed to stump and amuse even the most seasoned riddle fan. One of the two solution keys is ciphered for those wishing to check a solution without seeing other solutions. Riddles are the mind’s exercise!

Goddess Legacy by M.W. Muse – Science Fiction/Fantasy, 4 stars, 92 reviews – Legacy is an average teen with a crush on Adin, the hottest guy in school. Her life is typical, normal even, until she learns her mother is a Greek Goddess and she is changing into one too. Legacy a goddess? Um, yeah. Right. But when she meets the new guy in town, River, she discovers the truth of her heritage, and the legacy she wants just might not be the legacy she is destined to have.


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