NoiseTrade Offers Free eBooks to Help Readers Find New Authors


If you are a reader looking for a new way to get ebooks, NoiseTrade has started offering free downloads for both ebooks and audiobooks. And if you are an author, NoiseTrade offers another way to distribute your ebooks and audiobooks to gain a wider audience.

NoiseTrade has been working with music since 2008, giving musicians the opportunity to give away songs and gain more fans, and now NoiseTrade is adding ebooks and audiobooks to their website.

The ebooks are free of charge, but you do have to give your email address and postal code, which helps authors connect with their fans. You can also choose to leave a tip for the book. The author gets 80% of the money.

The ebooks are DRM-free and are available in ePub, Mobi, and PDF formats. It depends on the title, but some are only available in one format or another. A lot of them are in PDF format, which just does not work well for ebooks. Hopefully authors will recognize this and start providing both ePub and Mobi options. If authors want to connect with all potential readers they need offer more than just one format.

Personally I will not read a fiction ebook in PDF format no matter how good it is because PDFs are too cumbersome and irritating format-wise for most ebook readers and reading apps. Sure, PDFs are fine complex ebooks like cookbooks and technical books, but not for literary works containing only words and a few pictures.

Check out NoiseTrade for more information and to see the selection of free ebooks.

via: Liliputing

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