$79 Kindle Review and Video Walkthrough

Kindle 7

Amazon’s new Kindle arrived at the beginning of the month. Last week I posted a first impressions review, and now I’ve got the full 2014 Kindle review posted.

It includes a video walkthrough showing the new Kindle’s hardware and software in action, there are a few pictures, and a list of all the Kindle-related software features.

Feel free to ask any questions about the new Kindle in the comments section below.

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9 Responses to “$79 Kindle Review and Video Walkthrough”

  1. I think we can all agree that the holy grail of e-readers is the color e-ink tablet. A color e-ink tablet would be the end of dedicated e-readers since it would become redundant, provided you could toggle between color and black and white formats.

  2. Folks, where’s the Kindle voyage review? Anyone did, why that?

  3. how does this new kindle do with scanned pdf files? thanks.

  4. I currently use a Kindle app on my Galaxy tablet, it’s convenient but can get heavy reading in bed, so am thinking of getting a basic Kindle. I don’t want a back-light, and actually would prefer to read white on black. Can this new Kindle do that? and is the contrast good enough, can you tell me?

    • First, Kindles don’t have backlights like tablets; they have frontlights that are softer and easier on the eyes, so either way it’s the same kind of monochrome screen. The light actually tends to make the screen background appear a little whiter and lighter. The contrast is good with the basic Kindle; you just need a light or lamp to read at night like a regular paper book.