Best E Ink eReaders 2014 Edition

The eBook

This is a quick note to mention that I’ve recently updated the Best eBook Readers page for 2014.

It lists my top picks for E Ink ebook readers this year. The top choice may be a bit of a surprise to some seeing as how it wasn’t even released this calendar year. But price has to be considered into the equation as well.

Feel free to share your picks of the best ebook readers for 2014 in the comments section.

Best eBook Readers

6 Responses to “Best E Ink eReaders 2014 Edition”

  1. Thanks for the list, bro!

  2. Long time reader and appreciator. Love your work in continually bringing the latest in eReader technology to my attention! Maybe one day I’ll actually get one. The Onyx Boox Afterglow 2 is looking very close to my needs. A few more reviews and I might take the plunge!

  3. Adam Kaczmarek - Arta Tech November 27, 2014 at 7:22 am

    Hi Nate,

    please note that Onyx BOOX M96 is a regular Chinese version. The one you review is called Onyx BOOX Universe (or Onyx BOOX Universe with Google Play).

    • Yeah, I know. Someone asks me what the difference is about every other day. I’m not going to single out the Universe model as the only acceptable M96; I’m sure the other non-Universe versions, especially the Booxtor Edition, are very good as well. All the links direct to the Universe-branded one anyway, but it’s out of stock with no date of return so people might end up looking to get the regular M96 from somewhere else instead.

  4. hi; i am looking for a small ereader which runs android and has bluetooth, I can´t find it still, do you have any recommendation? thank you