BookBreeze Delivers Free Fantasy and Science Fiction eBooks via Email


A reader recently sent in a tip about a service called BookBreeze that delivers free science fiction and fantasy ebooks to your inbox each week.

BookBreeze is basically a promotion service with the goal of connecting readers and writers of speculative fiction together for the benefit of both.

Writers get a place to show off their work, and readers get access to free hand-picked books, some of which are exclusive to BookBreeze.

To get free ebooks, readers just have to sign up with an email address, and BookBreeze will send an email each week highlighting a new author and one their free ebooks.

The books are offered in a variety of formats so you can read them with whatever device or app you want. They offer downloads for Kindle-formatted books (Mobi), ePub, and PDF.

Authors sign up as members to gain readers and to build a larger audience. Readers aren’t obligated to write reviews, but if you find a new author you like it can help them out a lot to write reviews and buy other books they’ve written.

BookBreeze also helps authors find test readers to get feedback on upcoming, unreleased books.

If you are a reader or writer of science fiction and fantasy, checkout for more information.

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