Save $50 on Kindle Voyage Refurbs with Free 3G + Wi-Fi


The Kindle Voyage was first released back in October of 2014. Since it’s release, the Kindle Voyage hasn’t gone on sale even once. Amazon’s sales always involve other Kindles and never the Voyage.

But now there’s finally a way to get one at a discount. Amazon recently started selling Certified Refurbished Kindle Voyages.

Currently they only have the 3G + Wi-Fi model available, the one with Special Offers (advertisements).

Normally it sells for $269 new. But certified refurbished units are going for $219.

That’s a fairly significant discount considering the fact that most refurbished Kindles usually only sell for $15-$20 off the retail price.

So if you’re looking to purchase the Kindle Voyage and want to save some cash, that’s one way to do it.

Refurbished Kindles are tested and certified to look and work like new, and they come with the same 1 year warranty as a new Kindle, so they’re a good way to save $50.

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  1. Definitely a good deal, but refurbished units take a huge hit in resell value in case someone plans on reselling it when the new KV2 comes out in 2 months. They also come in a plain brown refurbished box. I remembering purchasing a PW2 for $99 refurbished and had so much trouble reselling it even at half the cost only 3 months later.

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