No New Kindle Voyage 2 in 2015, the Rumor was a Lie


It amazes me how many people fell for and still continue to believe the rumor that a Kindle Voyage 2 will be released this November.

Only one website claimed that a new Kindle Voyage would be released this year. Given the source’s reputation for making up stories just to get attention, I knew it was a flat out lie from the very beginning, but unfortunately most people don’t know of that website’s deceptive history so they assume they are a credible source—that couldn’t be further from the truth.

The truth is that website is known for making up stories just to increase pageviews and to get people that don’t know any better to link to them. Their Kindle Voyage 2 story was no different.

These are the same people that claimed they had insider info about the Kindle getting ePub support a few years back, and we all know how that turned out…

All they did is guessed that a new Voyage would be released in November based on the fact that Amazon usually releases new Kindles each year around that time, and the rest was just made up lies and speculation to make the rumor sound better.

The only good thing about no new Kindle Voyage being released is that the source of the rumor will be singled out as being even more unreliable in the future. You make up enough headline stories that don’t come true and people will figure out you’re a fraud sooner or later.

It’s amazing how many people believed the lie though. A lot of people still haven’t given up on the idea that a new Kindle could still be released this year. But that’s just crazy talk.

I can tell you for a fact that no new Kindle will be released in 2015. It doesn’t take an inside source to come up with that; it’s basic common sense. Amazon isn’t going to release a new Kindle after the busiest shopping weekend of the year.

Let go of the rumor, folks. It was all just a made up lie to get attention from the very beginning. There will be no new Kindle Voyage 2 in 2015. Besides, the Kindle Voyage isn’t selling nearly as well as the other Kindles or Fire tablets based on overall user reviews and the best sellers list, so I doubt Amazon is that worried about releasing a newer version of their least popular model anyway.

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  1. Nathan would you say it’s a slim chance we see a new 7(or8)inch reader from Amazon in 2016? Thank you.

    • I think a larger Kindle would be great. Amazon has like 5 different sizes of Fire tablets but only 1 Kindle size. Having various sizes is one thing that would make the most people want to buy a new Kindle, even existing Kindle owners. It seems like Amazon is missing out on a huge market there. But the problem is the Kindle has such little competition that it just stagnates innovative. Amazon doesn’t have to do a single thing and the current Kindles will still remain the best selling ebook readers through 2016.

      • I’m guessing that Amazon is being cautious after the “failure” of the DX, though I think they might come out with a 6.8″ model to compete with the Kobo.

  2. “their least popular model”

    But what about the perspective of profit?

    • There’s probably not a huge profit margin on the Voyage with the added hardware features and extra sensors. Amazon is more known for making money off content sales than hardware sales. The Voyage is a niche product in a niche market. Based on Amazon’s history, they’re just as likely to discontinue the Voyage line altogether as they are to release a second gen model.

  3. Sigh

    I wish they would release it a 2nd gen kindle Voyage. That’d be awesome. Oh well, I guess I will go buy it now.

  4. I believe it was Amazon’s intention to release a new 6″ KV2 this year but then completely scrapped that plan after seeing the extreme high demand for a larger 6.8″ version through customer feedback, polls, blogs, etc which was being deemed as the #1 and only reason people would consider buying a new Kindle. This meant scrapping plans and going back to the drawing board. Demand is clearly down for eReaders and I believe one of the main reasons is that people have grown tired of the 6″ size, among other things.

  5. I agree Rick. 6 inches way too small. A 7 inch or 8 inch Kindle would be fantastic. The few larger screened e-readers out there are just don’t have the quality of the Kindles. An 8 inch e-ink Kindle with a front light is my dream e-reader.

  6. Yes, I wish Amazon can release a few more Kindles with different sizes. I’m not sure if it’s because Kindle DX is unpopular so they don’t seem to like trying e-readers of bigger size. But I think 7 or 8 inch should be worth to try…

    I hope they make a better and cheaper Voyage 2 too, so we can have more choices. Don’t know why they rarely put the Voyage to sales, seems there’re sales every other Amazon devices…

  7. Maybe because the new e Ink Regal 2 technology together with the new IMX 7 dual core processors will not be ready until 2016?? I believe that probably this is the reason of no new Kindles lately (except for the update on paperwhite).

  8. I know a lot of people are saying that the story about the voyage 2 was a lie, but I spoke to Amazon customer service the other day, and they told me that there is indeed a new voyage model set to be released. However they were unwilling to give me any specific release time frame so I do think the November thing was wishful thinking. I wish they would hurry up and release it because I’ve still got the old Kindle keyboard and I want to upgrade but I don’t want to buy the voyage only to find there is a new model released straight after I buy it

    • Amazon customer support has proven to be clueless about upcoming Kindle releases. They’ve been saying the same exact thing, that a new Kindle is about to be released, since September. They clearly have no idea what they are talking about. They’re probably just coached to tell customers what they want to hear. Plus the grammar is really poor in a lot of their email responses. I don’t think they are even based in the US. It’s probably outsourced to somewhere like India, and it’s highly unlikely their lower level customer service employees have any knowledge of upcoming product releases whatsoever.

    • Ds, did you talk with an Amazon customer representative from the US? Because, I had a chat last night with one and was told: Amazon does not comment on rumors or any speculative news report. If there is any such upcoming device just check the Amazon website for the latest device. That’s it. We’re on the same boat, still using the KK. I would really like to replace it with a second gen voyage because it sounds so promising. But now, I don’t know what to believe and I really don’t know if I should buy the current voyage. It’s frustrating.

  9. Quod erat demostrandum:
    No new Kindle Voyage 2 in November.

  10. It *was not* a lie. At worst, it was misinformation. My cousin works for Freescale in Texas and confirms that the processor in the expected Voyage 2 is not ready to launch (it was expected for Fall 2015). So, chill with the “lies” labeling.

    • With all due respect you haven’t had to put up with all the other lies, the blatant stealing of articles and ideas they try to portray as their own, and other dishonest tactics that website is notorious for over the past 5+ years. In this case lying was definitely the correct term. Amazon isn’t going to leak upcoming product release information to one low level blog; they are much smarter than that about how they selectively release information.

  11. I agree that he was probably lying, (and it is good to know for the future) but his logic was sound. I believe that it was Amazons intention to release a new Kindle in time for holiday shoppers. But they where force to adjust timelines, either because the processor is not available yet, or they are adjusting to the demands of the market. (Bigger)

    I currently have a Voyage, and I love it. But I am still anxiously waiting for a new version. Mainly because I love getting new gadgets. I really hope the new one has larger screen.

    I got pretty excited the other day when I went to and the banner add was what looked like a new bigger Kindle, I had already added it to my cart before I realized it was actually just a Fire HD 8. Hopefully we can take that as a sign that they are aware of the demand for a bigger e reader.

  12. Nathan, Is there a reason (legal) that you arent naming the company that lied. I heard about it through GoodEReader. Would your opinion be that they are less than honest? Even deliberately so?
    I was really hoping to see a new Voyage.
    Thank you,

    • Yeah, they’ve proven they can’t be trusted for anything. And it’s not just me that thinks so. Most people that follow the industry closely would say the same thing.

      • Thanks Nathan,
        I do subscribe to their youtube channel (as well as yours), mostly for reviews..and give aways :). I guess I’ll take things with a larger grain of salt.

        (love your vids — always happy to see that a new one is available)

  13. Leonard Hartnett January 18, 2016 at 6:32 pm

    On holidays, my Kindle Voyage packed uo 2 months out of warranty. Amazon offered me a $10 discount on a new Voyage. Thats right, $10 discount on full price to replace a 14 month old Voyage lemon. Very poor service.

  14. So I just took advantage of Amazon’s limited-time offer to buy back Kindles to trade in my old Paperwhite and Touch. Credit for each plus $40 bonus towards a new Kindle… If I don’t use it by the end of February I lose the $40 bonus (but keep the credits). Now I have to decide if I should just buy a Voyage (I had been holding out on an update)… Or lose the bonus waiting. I have a feeling if I buy then an update will come out in March, and if I hold off an update won’t come out for many many months…

    • If you want it just buy it. You can always sell it used on eBay and get like 85% of the price paid.

    • I was told by Amazon Customer Service that you cannot combine $20 bonus savings to buy one new kindle. If you trade-in two kindles, you get two $20 bonus savings, but only one $20 credit would apply to each Kindle you buy. A deal breaker for me.

      • I was able to successfully trade in two Kindles – receiving credit for both plus two $20 bonuses. Only one $20 credit showed up initially, but a quick chat with Amazon and they added an additional $20 credit.

        I’m enjoying my new Voyage – just hoping a new model doesn’t come out next week!