10 Free Kindle eBooks and Kindle Book Deals

It’s time for another weekly roundup of free Kindle books.

Unfortunately all the Kindle ereaders and Fire tablet sales have ended for the holiday season (at least on current models) but there are some new Kindle ebook deals to take advantage of.

Please note that the free Kindle ebooks listed below are free as of December 20th, 2015. Most of these titles are free for a limited time only and will expire in a few days before going back to the regular list price.

A good place to find more free Kindle books is on the free bestsellers list at Amazon.

You don’t need to own a Kindle ebook reader or a Fire tablet to read these free ebooks; you can use a free Kindle reading app for iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, and Android devices, or use a computer or web browser.

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10 Free Kindle eBooks

Flash by Tim Tigner

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense, 4.5 stars, 172 reviews

Two Blood-spattered strangers awake, locked in the trunk of a car—with a murdered cop and the smoking gun. Aside from raging headaches and no idea what’s happened, they appear to have nothing in common. Troy thinks it’s 2001 and he’s still a combat surgeon fighting terrorists in Afghanistan. Emmy believes it’s 2002 and she’s still grifting a living from the streets of L.A. Are they archenemies or coconspirators? Lovers or friends? What are they doing in the Caribbean, and why is a Croatian assassin determined to kill them? The only thing they know for certain is that they’ll be spending the rest of their lives in prison if the police catch them before they learn the truth.

Chances by Jackie Collins

Literature & Fiction, 4.5 stars, 402 reviews

Lucky, Lady Boss, Vendetta: Lucky’s Revenge, and Dangerous Kiss…Jackie Collins’ sizzling Lucky saga all began with CHANCES.The book that made Jackie Collins one of America’s favorite authors sweeps you from the sophisticated playgrounds of Europe to the glittering gambling palaces of Las Vegas. It plunges you into the reckless, dangerous world of the Santangelo crime family. It introduces you to Gino Santangelo, the street kid who makes it all the way to the top. And then brings you Lucky—his sensual, stunningly beautiful, and passionate daughter; a woman who dares to win her father’s empire for herself; a woman unafraid of taking…CHANCES.

Captured (The Captive Series Book 1) by Erica Stevens

Paranormal Romance, 4.4 stars, 1348 reviews

Captured, taken from her beloved family and woods, Aria’s biggest fear is not the imminent death facing her, but that she will be chosen as a blood slave for a member of the ruling vampire race. No matter what becomes of her though, Aria knows that she must keep her identity hidden from the monsters imprisoning her. She has already been branded a member of the rebellion, but the vampires do not know the true depth of her involvement with it, and they must never know. Though hoping for death, Aria’s world is turned upside down when a vampire named Braith steps forward to claim her. He delays her execution, but Aria knows it’s only a matter of time before he drains her, and destroys her…

Run Girl (Ingrid Skyberg FBI Thrillers Book 1) by Eva Hudson

Action & Adventure, 4.1 stars, 291 reviews

In Europe to help broker a peace deal, Secretary of State Jayne Whitticker is in the middle of delicate negotiations when her wayward granddaughter goes missing in London. Special Agent Ingrid Skyberg is hauled out of her FBI training session at Scotland Yard to lead the hunt for the 18-year-old. The problem is, Ingrid has only one lead, just a few hours and can’t call in the local cops for back-up. Will Ingrid find the girl in time? Or will her failure lead to the collapse of crucial peace talks?

Changing Course (Wrecked and Ruined Book 1) by Lacey Black

Romance, 4.6 stars, 258 reviews

I met Sarah Kate Erickson when I was twenty-one years old. I was lucky enough to keep her for seven years before a tragic accident stole her from me. She didn’t die, but sometimes I think it would have been easier if she had. I lived in a haze for those four years after the accident. Catering to her every need, even though she hated the very sight of my face. I tried to hold on to her and the future that we were supposed to build together. But you can’t hold on to someone who doesn’t exist anymore…

1929: Book One (The 1929 Series) by M.L. Gardner

Historical Fiction, 4.3 stars, 875 reviews

As Black Tuesday triggers financial despondency, three young couples in New York City must trade their lives of luxury for poverty, tragedy, and setbacks. When Jonathan Garrett’s brokerage firm collapses on the day of the Stock Market Crash, he unites with his closest friends (and former business partners), Aryl and Caleb, to relocate, track down a low-paying job, and cultivate a new life. As the three men toil in their laborious jobs, their wives, Ava, Arianna, and Claire, slowly adapt to life in a shabby, rundown apartment, learning to sew, cook, and clean. With the help of their former, outspoken, Irish maid, Maura, and a new, equally Irish friend, Shannon, the wives become even closer than before…

McCarthys of Gansett Island Boxed Set Books 1-3 by Marie Force

Romance, 4.7 stars, 188 reviews

With more than 2 million ebooks sold since Maid for Love debuted in 2011, the New York Times bestselling McCarthys of Gansett Island Series has become one of the most beloved romance series available today. Read the first three books in the series: Maid for Love, Fool for Love and Ready for Love in this special offering. Maddie Chester is determined to leave her hometown of Gansett Island, a place that has brought her only bad memories and ugly rumors. Then she’s knocked off her bike on the way to her housekeeping job at McCarthy’s Resort Hotel by Gansett’s “favorite son,” Mac McCarthy…

The Apocalypse Crusade War of the Undead Day One: A Zombie Tale by Peter Meredith

Science Fiction, 4.4 stars, 199 reviews

In an apocalypse there is definitely a beginning where mistakes are made and the seeds of evil are allowed to sprout and take shape. However, an end is not so certain. Once an Apocalypse occurs not even death is certain. Sometimes death is only the beginning. At first light that morning, Dr Lee steps into the Walton facility on the initial day of human trials; she can barely contain her excitement. The labs are brand spanking new and everything is sharp and clean. They’ve been built to her specifications and are, without a doubt, a scientist’s dream. Yet even better than the gleaming instruments is the fact that Walton is where cancer is going to be cured once and for all…

Sower of Dreams (The Gods’ Dream Trilogy Book 1) by Debra Holland

Fantasy, 4.3 stars, 62 reviews

Book One in the Gods’ Dream Trilogy by New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Debra Holland. A Fantasy Romance Endorsed by Andre Norton, The Grand Dame of Science Fiction and Fantasy. “Desert and sea both provide vivid backgrounds for action and real emotion in Sower of Dreams–outstanding and well-presented fantasy, which will keep the book in one’s hands, eyes on the page.”

Death in the English Countryside (Murder on Location Book 1) by Sara Rosett

Mystery, 4.5 stars, 116 reviews

Location scout and Jane Austen aficionado, Kate Sharp, is thrilled when the company she works for lands the job of finding locations for a new film adaptation of Pride and Prejudice, but then her boss, Kevin, fails to return from a scouting trip to England. Afraid that Kevin has slipped back into some destructive personal habits he struggles with, Kate travels to England to salvage Kevin’s and the company’s reputation before word gets out that he is missing. Things go from bad to worse when Kate arrives in Nether Woodsmoor, a quaint village of golden stone cottages and rolling green hills, only to find no trace of Kevin except his abandoned luggage. Even the rumpled, easygoing local scout they consulted, Alex, doesn’t know where Kevin might be.

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