Jeff Bezos Tweets New Premium Kindle Incoming, Details Next Week

8th gen Kindle tweet

It looks like a new Kindle is going to get announced next week, a top of the line Kindle, no less.

Jeff Bezos tweeted this morning about a new 8th generation Kindle being almost ready, and that further details will be revealed next week.

No, it’s not an April Fool’s joke; the date on the tweet is April 4th.

It will be interesting to see what Amazon has up their sleeves.

Will it be a new Kindle Voyage, or will they go in a different direction and call it something else?

Lots of people have been interested in a potential Kindle Voyage 2, but honestly there’s not a whole lot they can change at this point given the technology limitations.

One thing that could make a big difference in the eyes of consumers is to offer a larger version of the Kindle Voyage, perhaps a Kindle XL with a 7-inch or 8-inch E Ink screen. Right now the Voyage is too similar to the Kindle Paperwhite 3 to justify the huge price difference for a premium ereader.

Either way it’s all speculation at this point. Right now all we have to go on is the tweet below, and it doesn’t reveal much.

Stay tuned to The eBook Reader Blog for more updates. More details about the new Kindle will probably get leaked before the official announcement—that’s how these things usually go down.

10 Responses to “Jeff Bezos Tweets New Premium Kindle Incoming, Details Next Week”

  1. Be interesting if the rumors of blue-tooth, cellular or an optional or integrated solar cover prove true.

    (Sorry about the blog mix-up, earlier.)

    • Kobo typically announces their products first, typically at about this time of year, with Amazon playing catch-up, boasting of extra premium features their dominance, market-share allow access to. It probably shouldn’t come as a surprise that they are reacting in anticipation and are trying to squeeze, pre-empt, counter-act what the competition might offer.

      With all of the marginal, but additional possible goodies they may add, it will still fetch a premium price at or possibly more than the original Voyage.

      Speculating on possible ways they can improve the product slightly, while keeping some added costs under control, I was just thinking that if the cover is integrated, they might be able to reduce the bezel and squeeze a 6.8″ screen (hopefully, still at 300+ ppi!) into the standard Kindle paperwhite profile,be able to simplify the casing to a less expensive standard plastic, instead of a metal/plastic alloy, keeping the weight down. This might allow them to shave their margins, while adding the extra communication chip, adding water-proofing like the Kobo Aqua.

      Anyways, I’ll stop speculating and wait for the announcement like everybody else.

      • Yeah, a waterproof Kindle is one of the most likely scenarios. That would give them a unique angle that they could market all summer.

        • And if the Blu-tooth rumor proves correct, it’s not too much to assume that the features from the Fire line, involving the Echo might be included, since they already have that platform/ecosystem.

          If they can incorporate text-to-speach or audi integration, giving the option of purchasing one of their Audible products at an extra fee, it serves them pretty well, 😉

  2. “Top of the line” – should be better than Voyage.
    “Readers” – it won’t play audio-books.
    “Heads-up” – careful what you expect of it coming.
    “all-new” – yeah, we already have all-new Fire.
    “details next week” – in half a year we’ll be able to order it.

  3. I’m very curious what new features Amazon will include. Not that it matters… Amazon, take my $$! 🙂

  4. Rumor is that it will be called the Kindle “Big Papi”

  5. Short of color e-ink, I’ll stick with my Voyage.

  6. My very own first generation Kindle Paperwhite is dying.What would motivate you to shop for the new Kindle when it is released?