Amazon Prime and Prime Videos Now Available on Monthly Plans

Amazon Prime Monthly

Amazon has started accepting monthly memberships for Amazon Prime and Prime Video. Previously they only offered a yearly subscription for Amazon Prime, but now they have single month plans and they are giving Prime Video a separate plan of its own to better compete with the likes of Netflix.

The monthly rate for Amazon Prime is $10.99 per month. The annual plan remains $99 per year, which averages out to $8.25 per month.

The rate for Prime Video by itself is $8.99 per month, which is less than Netflix but then again Netflix has a lot more shows and movies.

The Prime Video rate seems kind of high. At that point why wouldn’t you just spend a couple bucks more for all the benefits of Prime, or less monthly for an annual subscription of Prime?

Either way the monthly Prime option has a lot of perks, especially for seasonal shopping.

Plus the cost of Prime monthly is pretty much the same or less than paying for 2-day shipping on a single order, so you’re better off subscribing and getting extra benefits than paying more for shipping alone.

Monthly Prime has all the same benefits as an annual subscription. You get free 2-day shipping on orders shipped and fulfilled by Amazon, plus unlimited streaming of Amazon’s music and videos from Prime Video, you can to borrow an ebook for free each month if you own a Kindle or Fire, and get early access to lightning deals and free same-day deliveries in certain areas.

It’s funny because just a couple weeks ago I was saying it would be nice if Amazon offered Amazon Prime on a monthly basis like they do with Kindle Unlimited so that you can just use it when you need it and cancel when you don’t. It’s good to see them add this option. I can see myself using it a couple times a year since it’s not something I need every month.

Amazon Prime

4 Responses to “Amazon Prime and Prime Videos Now Available on Monthly Plans”

  1. I am at the point on just letting my Prime membership lapse… sometimes you can find merchandise that is sent for free from non prime vendors at a cheaper price… plus there are more shows I like to watch on Netflix and I hardly ever watch the shows on Prime… Bosch was the only one I really liked… I write and sell books for Kindle, but I don’t really want to read other people’s books when I am doing my writing. I tend to go for used textbooks to read instead. Youtube is where I get my music 😉

    • That’s the cool thing with the monthly plans. Just let it lapse and then subscribe for a month when you need it again. I think a lot of people will start using it that way.

  2. I’m seriously tempted to give into Prime Video, if only for a few months. Amazon Prime is the only streaming service offering one of my all-time favorite TV series, Doctor Who, until the BBC releases their own streaming service (which I will happily drop Prime for when it comes out) sometime this fall.

  3. I can’t edit my comment, THANK YOU for the news!