Goodreads Adds Personalized Daily Emails for eBook Deals

Goodreads Deals

Yesterday Goodreads rolled out a new “Goodreads Deals” feature that users can sign up for to get daily emails for ebook deals across selected genres.

A number of other websites already offer a similar service; it’s surprising that it took Goodreads this long to implement a daily deals feature for ebooks considering how popular they’ve become in recent years.

The ebook deal alerts extend to all the main ebook stores in the US, including the Amazon Kindle store, Apple iBooks, Google Play Books, Kobo, and even the Barnes and Noble Nook store.

Currently the daily deal emails are only available for Goodreads members in the US.

Users select the genres that they want to receive daily deals emails for, starting with four popular genres: bestsellers, romance, mystery and thrillers, and fantasy & science fiction.

Goodreads will also send an email alert to members when there’s an ongoing deal for an ebook on their Want to Read list or by an author they follow on Goodreads—that’s the bigger news here. People who previously didn’t have a need for the social aspects of Goodreads can now use the service to add books to their shelves and follow authors they like in order to get alerted of deals on the ebooks they actually want—that’s a lot more personalized than typical daily deals emails.

Here’s the link to the Goodreads Deals signup page.

One Response to “Goodreads Adds Personalized Daily Emails for eBook Deals”

  1. This is a neat step for Goodreads, though it’ll take a lot to dislodge me from BookBub at this point.