Kindle and Tablet Deals: $55 Kindle, Kindle Keyboard 3G $78

Tablet eReader Sales

I came across some good deals over on eBay today by a seller called Blinq. I don’t know how long the deals are active but it appears to be an ongoing promotion.

They are selling lots of new and open box devices for cheap, including Kindles and various tablets. They also have some really good deals on laptops.

They’re selling the entry-level Kindle for $55 new. It’s currently $79 at Amazon so that’s a pretty significant discount.

Somehow they also have “new” 3G Kindle Keyboards for sale and they’re only $77.99!

The Kindle Keyboard (aka the Kindle 3) was one of the most popular Kindles of all time.

It was discontinued several years ago now so it’s surprising to find any new ones still available. It still has a loyal following, especially the 3G model, which was the last to offer free internet access.

Blinq also has a number of good deals on a bunch of different tablets, including Samsung Galaxy Tabs, iPads, Surface tablets, etc.

I noticed they have lots of laptops for cheap as well. The prices of electronics is crazy. It still amazes me that you can get a fully-featured 15.6″ laptop with Windows 10 and a 1TB hard drive for the same price as a Kindle Oasis.

7 Responses to “Kindle and Tablet Deals: $55 Kindle, Kindle Keyboard 3G $78”

  1. can the Kindle 3G receive library books w/o side-loading? (I don’t have a computer).

    • I’m not sure. I don’t think so but it might be possible. Some people used to say it worked on certain models with a workaround of sorts but I don’t know which.

      • thanks, Nathan. if it has a kindle email address it would work, but I’m not familiar with it to know.

        • Emailing wouldn’t work for library ebooks anyway since they’re DRM’d. They get delivered via WiFi anyway so 3G wouldn’t do any good for that scenario.

  2. If you go to their website instead of their eBay site,, you can sign up for their email newsletter and get 10% off your first order, cutting the price even more. Plus they have free shipping with no minimum purchase required.

  3. I ordered a K3 and found out it is v3.1, so no Amazon access (3G or wi-fi). Had to download v3.3, v3.4 and finally v3.4.2. in order to access my books.