How Many eBooks Do You Have on Your eBook Reader?


The great thing about ebook readers is the ability to carry thousands of books with you wherever you go.

Not only that but they eliminate all the physical space required to store paper books; you can have an entire library’s worth of ebooks on a dime-sized microSD card.

It’s pretty amazing when you think about it.

A lot of dedicated ebook readers don’t have microSD card slots these days, however.

Even brands that used to have them, like Kobo and Nook, have gotten rid of memory card slots on newer models, and Kindles don’t memory card slots (aside from the 1st gen model).

Still, with 4GB of internal storage space that’s enough room to hold a few thousand ebooks.

Amazon advertises the Kindles as being able to hold “thousands” of books—that’s as specific as they get. There are some circumstances where you couldn’t even get one thousand books on it, depending on the size of the files.

Most ebooks are getting larger in size with higher resolution images, add-on features, and enhanced formatting. At some point 4GB (about 3GB usable) isn’t going to be enough.

A lot of people have already surpassed that threshold. Some folks like to have all their ebooks downloaded on their ereader all the time; other people just download a few and then delete them after reading.

There are a number of reports from people online that suggest their Kindle or other ebook reader starts getting slow and bogged down after a certain number of ebooks are added to it.

What about you? How many ebooks do you have on your ebook reader? Have you noticed any performance issues with too many books on it at one time?

16 Responses to “How Many eBooks Do You Have on Your eBook Reader?”

  1. I generally have around a hundred on there at the very most. I just add and remove them using calibre so I only have ones I want to read on there

  2. I have about 1150 on my Kindle Oasis and Voyage- that is about all that I can get on the devices( total library about 1550). I think that slowdown is not real!! I have never owned a Kindle that slowed down.

    Many of today’s books have large files-especially:

    1) Comics
    2) Cookbooks- I have a couple that are 100 MB plus files
    3) Any books with large photo files

    One of the reasons that I keep so many on device is that Kindle has a great feature that allows you to search through all stored on device books for keywords or phrases. If they are in the cloud -no luck. There really is no need to store books in the cloud with Kindle.

    I have directly requested more storage on future devices.

  3. I hord books, so whenever I see one that might ever possibly be read I just zip it over to my reader. I have about 900 at the moment. I also like to reread good books, so keep an archive of the ones I’ve read and trashed from the reader itself. If I’m in the right mood I’ll just pop one back on to read over again.

  4. I try to never have more than 10-20 at a time. I keep everything in Calibre and only keep books on my e-reader that I’m currently reading or may want to read next.

  5. I keep a few hundred books on the MicroSD of my Kobo H2O. What I am reading, what I would like to read and what I think is a good or worthwhile reference volume to have available. I keep them grouped by folder based on topic and nationality of literature. Calibre does that for me so I don’t have to worry about it. If my H2O every goes bad (one broke once) I just switch the card to a new device and I’m up and running.

  6. I have about 7 Gb of books on my reader but read 5-6 books at a time…But I like to have my seriala all time with me

  7. I think I have about 12 on my Voyage. If I happen to run out of something to read while I’m traveling, I can just connect to my phone and download more. If I’m reading a series, I have the current book in my Nightstand collection, two in my Read Next collection, and the rest in my Series collection. I also don’t keep books that I’ve read on my Kindle. I have a Finished collection that they are moved to and then I remove them from the device. That way if I forget that I’ve read the book and re-download it, it automatically goes to Finished.

  8. My Kobo Mini, which has 8 GB internal storage, has over 3100 books on it. My other ereaders don’t have as many. My Voyage has over 700.

  9. I have about 300 books on my Kindle. I have a category “read” that I added, and that has 80 books in it. So I have enough choices available , but that doesn’t stop me from buying more books.

  10. Most of the books I read are borrowed from my library’s digital collection. When the loan expires, I delete the book from my Kindle. I do own a few books, so the total on my device usually hovers around 20.

  11. I like to keep most of my books on my device, to include a lot of PDF reference docs. I have a Sony PRST1 with an 8GB card that I purchased for $8. Total space currently used is a little under 4GB right now. So still have plenty of space with that inexpensive 8GB memory card I bought.

  12. My Kindle currently holds 190 of my books. My tablets hold fewer as I periodically archive the library When traveling, I download whatever l’m currently reading plus some I want to read. I don’t have any slowdown issues.

  13. I’ve stored my books, articles, spec sheets etc. on my laptop. The collection uses around 80 GB. Mostly due to some huge PDF files with high resolution images.

    On the devices, I take something around 20 books with me on a trip. My girlfriend shares the devices (they basically have the same contents so it’s easier to pick the one with charge or without opening the bags too much). I ofter leave old books on the device and downloads new ones before reading them because there’s always too little time to sync stuff when you’re in a hurry.

    So, the 2-4GB is barely enough for me. On Kindle, the OS is also quite large, like 750 MB ? I’d also prefer using the e-reader as a n USB storage instead of USB dongles. So there could be plenty of more space. They even sell 512 GB microsd cards now.

  14. I only have 5-10 books on my kindle. That’s all I need. I only read one book at a time, so 5 books are, depending on the number of pages, enough for me for months.

  15. I have a kobo hd, and currently have 1330 books on it, I have never had an issue with it being slow

  16. 28 gb and no room for the kindles
    I need a bigger card.