Amazon Adds Free Audible Channels and Audiobook Streaming to Prime


Amazon and Audible announced new benefits for Prime members starting today.

All Amazon Prime members now have unlimited free access to Audible Channels, a new short-form audiobook service that Audible introduced earlier this year.

Prime members also get access to a rotating selection of over 50 professionally narrated audiobooks for free.

The Audible Channels feature a selection of original programs, comedy, lectures, and audio editions of select news articles from The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Harvard Business Review, Foreign Affairs, Charlie Rose, McSweeney’s, The Onion, and other publications.

Here’s more from the press release about Audible Channels:

Audible Channels also showcases 20 hand-selected Audible Playlists, from essential stories of the day, meditation and commute-sized comedy to compilations on science, history, technology and more. Now free for Prime members, Audible Channels is otherwise available to purchase for $4.95 a month or the equivalent of $59.40 per year.

If you are an Amazon Prime member, you can access Audible Channels by using the Audible app for iOS, Android, or Windows 10.

For more information check out the Audible Channels page at Amazon.

5 Responses to “Amazon Adds Free Audible Channels and Audiobook Streaming to Prime”

  1. Excited to see this isn’t just available to the primary Prime member.

  2. Hmmm… maybe I will keep my Prime now that there is something of use to me… we’ll see 😉

  3. I guess it’s nice to get something for $0.00 but since it apparently forbids downloading that’s pretty much all it’s worth to me…

  4. That “new short-form audiobook service” already has a name – podcasting. It used to be a service that was (except for donations) free of charge, governed and financed by the quality of content. Now companies like Spotify, Google and Amazon see a business potential, hire some popular formerly free podcasters, and charge a monthly fee for content of higher quality. Economically understandable, but misleading for the end users.

  5. It is a bit of a joke app. It isn’t compatible with ANY of my Amazon devices!

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