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Publishers Suing Audible Over Captions Feature That Allows Reading Audiobooks

Last month Audible revealed an upcoming new Audible Captions feature that gives Audible app users the option to read along with audiobooks as they’re read aloud. Basically the app adds computer-generated captions to audiobooks to allow reading while listening, but before the feature has even been released to the public, book publishers have filed a […]

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Audible Captions

Soon You’ll Be Able to Read Audible Audiobooks (Video)

Audible recently revealed a new feature they’re working on called Audible Captions that basically adds computer-generated captions to audiobooks so that you can read along while listening to the audiobook, similar to Amazon’s Immersion Reading feature. The Audible Captions feature is expected to come to the Audible app for Android and iOS this September in […]

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Kindle Audiobooks

Why Does Amazon Make Such a Big Deal About Audiobooks on Kindles?

I can’t understand the heavy marketing push for audiobooks on Kindles. Now Amazon has started selling Kindle Audible bundles where you can get a free Audible trial with the purchase of a Kindle—the same exact Audible trial anybody can get without buying a Kindle. Obviously audiobooks are another revenue stream that Amazon wants consumers to […]

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Kobo Audiobook Sale

Get 30% off All Audiobooks at Kobo

Kobo is currently having a big sale on audiobooks from now until January 3rd. Kobo is mostly known for selling ebooks but they’ve been selling audiobooks for the past year as well. You can get 30% off all audiobooks at Kobo with coupon code SAVE30. If you like listening to audiobooks this is a good […]

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The Christmas Hirelings

Free Holiday Audiobooks from Audible, Plus a Few Deals

Audible is giving away a few different holiday-themed audiobooks, and with all the money being spent this time of year, who doesn’t like to get something for free. There’s also a deal at Groupon where new members can get two months of Audible for $1.90, which essentially means you can get two audiobooks for $1.90. […]

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List of Devices that Support Immersion Reading for Kindle Books

One question that frequently comes up now that the new Kindle Paperwhite supports Audible audiobooks is can it be used to read along while an audiobook is playing? Amazon calls this feature Immersion Reading. It’s available on some Kindle apps and Fire tablets, and it highlights the words as the audiobook reads them aloud, but […]

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Free Audiobook

Free Audible Audiobook and Audible Membership Deals

Over on the Amazon first reads page, where Amazon Prime members can choose a free ebook each month among a list of six new release titles, they’re advertising a free audiobook from Audible. The free audiobook is The Ruin by Dervla McTiernan. The audiobook is narrated by Aoife McMahon and it has a runtime of […]

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Audible Free Kindle Deal

Get Free Kindle with 1-Year Audible Subscription for $129

Audible is back again with another promotion. This time you can get a free Kindle with the purchase of a 1 year Audible membership. The one year subscription also comes as at discount so if you like audiobooks and want to get a new Kindle this is a really good deal. The only downside is […]

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