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Free Prime Audiobooks

How to Find Free Audiobooks with Prime Membership

If you’re an Amazon Prime member you can get unlimited access to a selection of free audiobooks each month in addition to Prime eligible Kindle ebooks. Unfortunately Amazon doesn’t make it particularly clear where to find the list of audiobooks available free to borrow for Prime members. In most cases you need to download the […]

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Kindle Oasis 2 Audiobooks

Do You Like New Audible Features on Kindles for Audiobooks?

With the release of the Kindle Oasis 2, Amazon brought back support for Audible audiobooks on certain Kindle models. Kindles used to support audiobooks and MP3 files several generations ago, but with the release of the 1st Kindle Paperwhite in 2012, Amazon opted to drop audio support on Kindles altogether. Now Audible support is back […]

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Google Audiobooks

Google Now Selling Audiobooks, Get 50% Off First Purchase

Today Google announced that they’ve added a new audiobook section to the Google Play Store. Plus they’re offering a bunch of best-selling titles for $10 or less to celebrate the launch of the new audiobook store, and you can also get 50% off your first purchase. Google’s audiobooks are being sold individually, with no option […]

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Richochet Joe

Prime Members: Get Two Free Kindle Singles Books with Free Audiobooks

If you’re an Amazon Prime member, there are a couple of new Kindle Singles titles that you can borrow for free, and you can also get their accompanying audiobooks for free. You can also get the audiobooks for free even if you aren’t an Amazon Prime member, but you have to buy the books for […]

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Kindle Audible

Amazon Now Advertising Audible Audiobooks Access on $79 Kindle

Today I happened to notice that Amazon is now advertising “built-in” Audible support on the product page for the entry-level $79 Kindle. It’s funny how they chose to use the words built-in when it’s clearly not “built-in” yet because the statement is followed by a disclaimer saying Audible access will be added via a free […]

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Are Kobo’s Audiobooks Too Overpriced?

Last week Kobo started selling audiobooks on their website alongside ebooks. They also introduced an audiobook subscription plan that costs $9.99 per month in the US and $12.99 in Canada. Basically you get one audiobook per month with the current subscription, and they plan on adding more options in the future. Kobo’s audiobooks can be […]

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Last of the Free Whispersync for Voice Audiobooks

It appears that Amazon has stopped their Whispersync for Voice promotion where they giveaway a different free classic audiobook each month. They’ve been doing it for like 5 years now so I guess it was bound to end eventually. At the end of last month they removed the box that advertises the monthly freebie from […]

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Kobo Audiobooks

Kobo Now Selling Audiobooks Individually and By Subscription

Today Kobo announced that they’ve started offering audiobooks in addition to ebooks. They are available now on the new audiobooks section of Kobo’s website. Kobo’s audiobooks can be purchased individually or through a monthly subscription plan. With the audiobook subscription you get one credit per month that can be exchanged for one audiobook. The subscription […]

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